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Thread: Truman vs. SW Baptist

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    My wife and I drove over and watched the game Saturday. Was actually a good game and we were impressed with both teams. Truman was more physical than I thought they might be. SW had at least four if not five unsportsmanlike penalties, with one player getting thrown out of the game. Watching action away from the ball it seemed SW was playing a little "dirty".
    Too bad this win wasn't the one counting with the conference standings for Truman.

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    I didn't get a chance to watch it, but TSU radio said there were SIX unsportsmanlike penalties on SBU (culminating with the ejection at the end of the game, after SBU scored a touchdown, of all things). Sadly, Truman seems to be getting it together now, as the season is coming to a close. A win against McKendree would be a nice stepping stone into the off-season.


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