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Thread: CalU sports?

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    I realize this is a bball forum, but I am concerned with the downfall of certain CalU sports. Maybe (or not) you've noticed the men's and women's soccer teams; always among the top squads in the past, have taken a free fall lately.
    The men's team is now 2-21 and the women's team is 3-19-1. What gives? And if they are not bad enough, what's become of the always tough women's golf team? Only TWO listed on the roster...good players for sure, but there was NO CALU TEAM competing in this years PSAC playoffs! The two ladies were outstanding, winning first and third as individuals, but that was it. The women's tennis team is not what it was, and volleyball is now falling off.
    Any thoughts for those close to CalU?

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    My guess would be to follow the money trail. You'll likely find your answers there.

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    Undoubtedly linked to $$$, but losing long standing coaches who were responsible for the great success of these teams likely is the more proximate cause. Merrilyn Gibbs (golf), Pedro Montana (tennis) and Al Alvine (soccer) had done an amazing job of recruiting and coaching their players to a very high standard. Under the Armenti administration, as we all know, all sports were supported, many would say to an excessive degree. Geraldine Jones was given the presidency largely as a result of her effort to rein in these excesses and refocus the university on academics. As a VULCAN supporter these trends do really hurt, but in the current educational marketplace success at any cost is not an option. Thankfully longstanding coaches like Daniel and Jackie Caulfield (cc/t+f), Rick Bertagnolli (sb), Ed Denny (swim) have continued to run competitive exciting programs within the new reality and I couldn't be more proud of their efforts.
    Can the others be returned to their former glory, I doubt it. Can they be a bit more successive , I certainly hope so. And soon.


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