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    Next week it’s a national TV game on espn3 !!! Statistics say that TV games haven’t been so well to SAU!! (2 to my knowledge) cbssports did a Harding SAU game, I can’t remember the other one right now! Too late and a few drinks! Lol. However, SAU is playing to win out at this point to be at least co-champs!! Henderson still looking for a home win!! Who wins?? SAU by 28 my initial thought? Lol. I’ll change it in official pickem! lol. Red, you’re thoughts??

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    I expect SAU to win, but if all players are playing for HSU, I may not expect HSU to lose by 28.

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    Hsu strikes early!! 7-0! Told you SAU doesn’t like national tv!! Lol

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    SAU about to be handed a loss!!! Ugh!! Missed pat could haunt us!! 30-28 2:51 left and hsu has ball on 30!!

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    Hsu scores quick! Maybe too quickly?? Hopefully lol. 2 pt attempt good! 36-30 2:03 left!!

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    Is the tv curse alive and well for SAU!! Don’t play well on Thursday and plays bad on tv!!

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    There we have it!! Runner fumbles! Hsu wins!!


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