1. Tech - Very solid win over HSU. Can now lose to HU and still win the GAC. Clearly in the driver’s seat and should win the GAC now if they take care of business.
2. SAU - probably the 2nd best team still, tons of talent. Seemed to refocus this week.
3. OBU- nice road win in Weatherford which is always tough. Can’t argue with 2-0.
4. HSU- looked bad against ATU. QB situation has to get figured out going forward. Defense is good enough to still win a lot of games in the GAC.
5. SEOSU- slept walked a little bit vs OKBU, but a W is a W.
6. Harding- 0-2 after two tough games, I stand by the fact that I think this is a good team and will beat lots of people.
7. SWOSU- Missed chance for second straight big win vs OBU
8. UAM - Nice bounce back win over NWOSU.
9. NWOSU- Tough to be 0-2 after two close games.
10. SNU- Big win for the program vs ECU for second year in a row.
11. ECU- Tough pill to swallow losing to SNU after a promising week 1.
12. OKBU- Gotta get something going soon or could be looking at a 0-11, 1-10 kind of year