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Thread: GLIAC Pick'em Week 3

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    Default Re: GLIAC Pick'em Week 3

    Looks like it might be a mostly Roaddie week.

    Tiffin @ Davenport Hmm, a few say Dport can win in the GLIAC. The cats played the dragons tough last season. Even with a new QB, Dragons will burn these Cats

    Ashland @ Northwood These Eagles will be picking hard on these wolves. Maybe home turf bites the birds, but I bet they fly out with a W

    GVSU @ Tech Yeah, yeah, yeah, a tough place to play. Maybe that newer turf helps the Lakers. Good test after the stumble in Indy. Maybe a predictor for GV's season.

    SVSU @ Wayne St This week's upset. Wayne is physical, but I'm thinking Saggy is too. Saggy surprises in the D

    Northern @ Ferris Oh my, after a long road trip, these cats will get chewed up by the doggies. Not sure how NMU gets used to the travel.

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    Default Re: GLIAC Pick'em Week 3

    How did this thread fall so far below the GVSU/Indy game that was two weeks ago???
    My unbolded pics below with commentary:
    Tiffin @ Davenport I was one who gave Daport too much credit...Dragons take it to em
    Ashland @ Northwood Ashland in a better game than many think
    GVSU @ Tech Havin a tough time with this one so I guess I'll stick with the Lakers in a very good game
    SVSU @ Wayne St SVSU will have to earn some respect and it starts in Detroit. Saggy 35-21
    Norhtern @ Ferris Dawgs in an ugly game

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    Tiffin @ Davenport
    Ashland @ Northwood
    GVSU @ Tech
    SVSU @ Wayne St
    Northern @ Ferris

    At first blush this week's games seems like an easy choice (s) but this is the GLIAC so I suppose there will be an upset or two.

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    Default Re: GLIAC Pick'em Week 3

    Michigan Tech
    Wayne State

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    Default Re: GLIAC Pick'em Week 3

    Tiffin @ Davenport
    Ashland @ Northwood
    GVSU @ Tech
    SVSU @ Wayne St
    Norhtern @ Ferris

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    Default Re: GLIAC Pick'em Week 3

    Tiffin @ Davenport
    Ashland @ Northwood
    GVSU @ Tech
    SVSU @ Wayne St
    Norhtern @ Ferris

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    Default Re: GLIAC Pick'em Week 3

    Thank you again for running this, HenDawg. For the sake of ease and simplicity for you and in general, I'm OK with just keeping things to games involving GLIAC teams only. If there is a consensus for putting in a few others, I'll play along...this board is about the peeps, after all!

    Tiffin @ Davenport

    Tiffin "got right" last week...playing Lake Erie will do that for you. Now, they face a Davenport squad that has been, in all honesty, surprisingly underwhelming thus far. I'm not intending to disparage them, and things may look quite a bit different by the season's end. That said, they have a few D1 guys on the roster and they figured out how to win some ballgames last year. No, NAIA teams aren't the same, but there are schollie guys on those clubs nonetheless so it's not like those outfits are all loaded with guys who can't play. DU did give Tiffin a rough go in last season's tilt, so you have to think they will sport some confidence coming in. In reality, this comes down to the Tiffin offense getting comfortable ino what it wants to do. Nick Watson is settling in at QB, and as long as he can find Charles Holland anytime he wants it'll be a long day for the Panthers. The bigger concern I have if I am DU is the overall ineffectiveness of their offense thus far. Not sure if starting QB Hunter Krause will be back after missing the GV game or not...if he isn't, this seems like an affair that definitely favors Tiffin.

    Ashland @ Northwood

    The Eagles rebounded nicely last week. Look, Gang, ODU is no slouch of a team...I'm sure we all remember that. Grant Russell can play, and defending the offense he runs is no small feat. For Ashland to handle them the way they did after the gut-punch loss they took at IUP is respectable. Their reward for that impressive recovery? A trip to Northwood to face a Timberwolf outfit that has jumped out to a 2-0 start. Make no mistake, this may not be your father's Woodbone offense, but its tenets are similar: Run the ball, and control tempo. Through two games, NU has possessed the ball for roughly 37 minutes per contest, and they are averaging 57 rushing attempts per game. They aren't ripping people in the run game, but they are grinding them down to stumps. They'll have to do that to perfection here, as this is going to be easily the best defense they have faced thus far, and some of the new skill guys in that AU offense should be settling in. This one might be a bit tougher than the Eagles expect, but I still see them as the favorite.

    GVSU @ Tech

    We just talked about a gut-punch loss (GPL) that Ashland took in Week 1. The Week 2 GPL in the GLIAC had to be Tech blowing a 17-point fourth quarter lead at Hillsdale. As I mentioned last week, picking Hillsdale games has been the bane of my existence for more than ten years. When I was writing the column or even in the pick'ems, figuring out what those guys will do (or not do) from week to week is a unique challenge. Suffice it to say that after picking them, I saw the score entering the fourth quarter and was like "well, you're screwing me again,, Hillsdale". I digress.

    So, what we have here is two teams that have a decent rivalry over the years, as well as a pair of clubs that probably feel like they should be 2-0. Tech fell apart late in their loss, and GV was underwhelming in theirs. Some of that "underwhelm" continued last week for the Lakers, as the offense was ineffective to the tune of four three-and-outs in the first half against Davenport. I suppose if we look at "momentum", we see that Grand Valley was a bit more effective in the latter stages of last week's game while Tech was less so. I don't think that plays here. Look, at the end of the day there isn't anyone in a football role in this league that doesn't understand that Grand Valley enters this game as the more talented, and certainly deeper team. Whether the Lakers execute or not, is something I think a lot of folks are waiting to see. I'm taking the Lakers, but doubt this one will be a runaway. Tech is always up for GV, especially up in Houghton...Tech winning would not surprise me.

    SVSU @ Wayne St

    Like the game above, I expect this one to be a slugfest. Saginaw Valley seems to be continuing on its trend of improvement, and has handled its business against its first two opponents...likely teams they should have beaten, but you still gotta go and do it. Wayne let one get away against a good Indianapolis club last week (another GPL, frankly) and they need to recover from that because they will get a serious test from the Cardinals. SV has only allowed 46 yards per game on the ground thus far...but they led throughout both games and neither run game was anywhere near the caliber of what they'll face today. I also think that Wayne is becoming increasingly more capable through the air than they may get credit for, and they can surprise folks with their ability to achieve offensive balance. On top of that, Wayne's run defense is better than people think...the same UIndy bunch that gashed GV for 300+ on the ground two weeks ago only mustered 95 yards last Saturday in Detroit. I think the Warriors ability to keep Tommy Scott in check is the difference here, along with this game being at The Jewel.

    Northern @ Ferris

    Our first look at Northern under their new coach produced some bright spots...not the least of which was junior RB Jake Mayon racking up 205 yards on the ground. The problem is that the issue that plagued them last year (a VERY porous defense) is still present. The 'Cats yielded nearly 500 yards via the air, and 660 in total. Not a good trend as they get a Ferris bunch that posted 653 yards a week ago. I'd like to think that the whole "former assistant returns to his recent home" jazz will make this one interesting. We all know it won't. Reggie Bell was over two-hundy in both passing and rushing last week...I wouldn't be surprised to see something similar here. This battle of 'Cats and 'Dogs will easily "go to the 'Dogs".
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    Default Re: GLIAC Pick'em Week 3

    Week 3 results

    A lot of people had a good week and were 5 for 5.. Congrats!

    Name Week 3
    jayhawkdaddy 5
    Tartaralum96 5
    Agent Maxwell 5
    Josephs 5
    RetiredAU 5
    Tony Nicolette 5
    coachDano 5
    ctrabs74 5
    WOLaker 5
    LongTimeLaker 5
    BillyGV 5
    Woodbury 5
    NewEraWarrior 4
    MTUHusky1 4
    Biggdawg 4
    Redwing 4
    saggydad 4
    KleShreen 4
    bankslaker 4
    MDRussell 4
    Bulldog 4
    sandman 4
    EricCartman 4
    HenDawg 3
    SoCal Laker 0
    unc4life 0
    ChargerBlueandWhite 0
    richald 0
    MrsThortonMelon 0
    Miamiu20 0
    Beachinlaker 0
    ashlandalum03 0
    IH8SVSU 0

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    Default Re: GLIAC Pick'em Week 3

    Overall Standings after 3 weeks

    Name Total
    jayhawkdaddy 20
    IUPbigINDIANS 19
    Tartaralum96 19
    Agent Maxwell 18
    Josephs 18
    RetiredAU 18
    Tony Nicolette 18
    NewEraWarrior 18
    coachDano 17
    BillyGV 17
    Woodbury 17
    ctrabs74 16
    WOLaker 16
    LongTimeLaker 16
    MTUHusky1 16
    Biggdawg 16
    Redwing 16
    saggydad 15
    KleShreen 14
    bankslaker 14
    HenDawg 14
    SoCal Laker 12
    unc4life 12
    MDRussell 11
    ChargerBlueandWhite 11
    richald 11
    Bulldog 10
    sandman 10
    EricCartman 9
    MrsThortonMelon 7
    Miamiu20 6
    Beachinlaker 6
    ashlandalum03 5
    IH8SVSU 4

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    First I appreciate you keeping track of all of this, however believe you shorted me a win. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe I was 5 for 5. You have me w/ only 4.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NewEraWarrior View Post
    Tiffin @ Davenport
    Ashland @ Northwood
    GVSU @ Tech
    SVSU @ Wayne St
    Northern @ Ferris
    See above:

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    Default Re: GLIAC Pick'em Week 3

    Sorry about the NewEraWarrior.. I had to down for SVSU winning for some reason.. correction has been made.. you went 5 for 5 and have a total of 19!

  13. Default Re: GLIAC Pick'em Week 3

    Thanks HenDawg! No problem at all

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