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Thread: Questions for a William Jewell Fan.

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    Default Questions for a William Jewell Fan.

    Hi, my name is Brian and I own and operate a blog for Texas A&M-Commerce athletics. Every week I do a feature called "Ask the opponent where I ask a fan on the board 10 questions about the game and some other things so that we know the competition a little more closely. If you are interested, here are the questions and feel free to just reply and I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

    1. First, give us the overall thoughts on the game.

    2. Tell us about what has been going on at William Jewell in regards to athletics.

    3. How has your football program been historically?

    4. Where do you guys see yourselves next year? NAIA or NCAA?

    5. What worries you most about the Lions?

    6. On the flip side, what is Jewell's biggest strength on any side of the ball?

    7. What is competition in the GLVC like typically?

    8. Who would you say is your biggest rival?

    9. Tell the fans a little bit about your University and some notable things about it.

    10. Finally, care to predict a score?

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    Hi Brian. Not many Jewell fans on here but I spent a few years around Liberty and the football program so I'll chime in.

    1. This should be an interesting one. To my knowledge Jewell has not been on the field with a top 5 team since they joined D2. No such things as moral victories but if Jewell can even hang in this game I think it may be counted as one.

    2. Jewell has had several runs of season long greatness by their basketball, baseball, and soccer teams but no sustained dominance by any sport.

    3. Historically Jewell football has had some storied seasons. Many of which coming through the 80's and 90's with the success being a little more sparse since 2000.

    4. Realistically Jewell will be NCAA. The pertinent question coming up for the athletic department though will be D2 or D3.

    5. The biggest problem Jewell will have with the Lions is size/depth in the trenches. As with most programs this is what separates your top tier programs from the others.

    6. Biggest strength for Jewell will definitely be their offense. QB #10 is their best player and will put up big numbers through the air and on the ground. Keep him contained though and I don't see them putting up a lot of points.

    7. GLVC has only been in existence for 6-7 seasons now and until recently it's been a 1 team league with University of Indianapolis being the focal point. The last few years though competition has risen quite a bit. Southwest Baptist and Truman State came in on the national scene last year and McKendree has been a very solid program year in and year out. Schools like Jewell and Lincoln usually bring up the bottom of the pack in the GLVC.

    8. Big rivalries have really yet to form in the GLVC with it being a newer conference and with no real geographical ties to create those types of big games. Jewell was a long time member of the Heart of America conference in the NAIA where they had pretty established rivalries with Benedictine College and Missouri Valley.

    9. Something notable to mention for football fans is that Kansas State's Bill Snyder attended William Jewell and played football in the early 60's.

    10. Unfortunately I don't think this will be a close one. I'd take Commerce in a 49-14 win.


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