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    Thursday, Aug. 31

    Findlay at Tiffin - Yikes took me a moment to realize this wasn't a GLIAC game. Weird to think next year this game wouldn't even make it on this board. Anyways Tiffin lost obviously a hell of a player in Pipkin but I think they lost more than just him. Findlay is so hit or miss every week I have no idea but I rolling the dice and sticking to my prediction Tiffin struggles this year w/ 4 or less wins.

    Truman at M Tech - This one is a toss up to me. I feel like Truman has a good program but whenever I've seen them play GLIAC opponents they don't fare as well. Tech has a lot of question marks this year, player wise and staff wise. However Tech with the home field and overall grittiness their program possesses, they win a close one.

    at IUP - Ashland is PISSED they were left out of the playoffs last year. Reminds me of Wayne State left out in 2010 after a 9-2 year and then going on their 2011 National Championship run the following season. Don't want to make that comparison quite yet but it at least reminds me of the situation. IUP is a strong opponent especially having the home advantage but Ashland's program strikes me as stronger. Best game of the week but Ashland finds a way to get it done.

    Grand Valley
    at UIndy - Grand Valley was smart to schedule a quality opponent to start the year but ever since UIndy left the GLIAC they haven't fared well against the competition level of their old conference. Grand Valley wins this relatively easily but still not a cupcake opener. Keep Marty Carter and those WR's healthy!

    Concordia at Davenport - Hmm didn't know Concordia had a football program. This is NAIA vs. NCAA so I hope Davenport represents their new designation as an NCAA team well. I think Davenport surprises a couple teams in the GLIAC this year w/ a couple conference wins also.

    Saturday, Sep. 2
    Saginaw Valley at Alderson Broaddus - REALLY confused w/ this Alderson Broddus team. They went 9-2 last year and beat FCS Robert Morris last year but that is a little deceiving. Robert Morris went 2-9 and ONLY beat Malone 21-19 last season; Malone is a really really bad program. Also Alderson Broaddus going 9-2 in the GMAC is a load of crap to me. I didn't recognize half the teams they played, oh and they played College of Faith....SVSU wins this.

    at Siena Heights - Another game very similar to the Concordia/Davenport game. I know very little of the Siena Heights NAIA program other than they were a 5-5 NAIA program last year. I think Northwood is slightly overlooked this year but they didn't impress me in 2016 other than linebacker Mike Fisher. Here's hoping that a GLIAC team can beat a .500 NAIA team.

    Wayne St
    at Walsh - Agh my good ol' Warriors, after looking like a legitimate playoff team through 8 weeks last year, they could never prove being worthy enough because they didn't beat one contender last year, going 0-4 vs. ODU, GV, FSU, & Ashland. NOW this year will be a different challenge because they lose some great pillars and playmakers from last year. With that said Wayne will thankfully play a Walsh program who never really felt like a GLIAC team just like Malone. Wayne wins this one.

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    Thursday, Aug. 31
    Findlay at Tiffin - Tiffin finds a way to get this done.

    Truman at M Tech - Tech in the UP from a team that's traveling a ways. Students back for Week 1. Huskies grind this one out and take the W.

    Ashland at IUP - A agree with NewEraWarrior that Ashland comes in to this game with a vengeance for not getting in the playoffs in 2016. Gonna be a good opener to prepare them for what looks to be a really tough GLIAC this year top to bottom.

    Grand Valley at UIndy - A little bit of a homer pick here, but I do still think the Lakers take this one. UIndy has seemed to struggle the past few years and with the firepower on offense that GV has is going to be hard for the UIndy D to slow down. Bart, Marty, Urston, Bean, Dodson, and Keizer could pose an issue for defenses this year. GV D should hold pretty well after losing some pieces, but a veteran core returns and will lead.

    Concordia at Davenport - Davenport should come in to Lubbers boasting a 1-0 record. Should be able to get by after surprising a lot of people in their first year in 2016.

    Saturday, Sep. 2

    Saginaw Valley at Alderson Broaddus - Kills me to take the Cardinals, but I do think that they'll represent the GLIAC well versus the G-MAC. Should get through Week 1 with a W.

    Northwood at Siena Heights - Northwood was really underrated last year and better than many people would think. They should be able to get past the NAIA school pretty handily.

    Wayne St at Walsh - Well, I'm assuming that Walsh hasn't made a complete 180 and turned in to a power program since leaving the GLIAC, so I'm gonna take the Warriors by an extremely large margin.

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    Hope you don't mind me crashing your board this week...

    Ashland at IUP

    I am really looking forward to this game and excited that both schools agreed to play. Ashland is very good program that I have a lot of respect for and this will be a great test for IUP. There is a lot of excitement with IUP football this year (from a national perspective) and this game will go a long way to validate if it's legit.

    There is no denying the outstanding qb that Ashland has but IUP has a pretty solid secondary which now includes Redfield, the transfer from Notre Dame at safety (he was already listed as the 11th best DB across all levels not taken in this past 2017 NFL draft...see link).

    IUP also has a pretty good QB in Lenny Williams who is returning from a season ending injury last year and by all accounts looks fully recovered (but you can never be sure until the whistle blows). He led the nation in completion % last year and was also a Harlon Hill candidate both in 2015 as a freshmen and last year despite his injury. He is just as dangerous with his legs but with his injury last year it will be interesting to see how he responds and if he runs as much as in the past. Surrounding him is a very good offensive line and RB group and arguably the strongest part of this team are their wide receivers that really do go at least 6 deep.

    With Ashland losing a lot of starters on the defensive side of the ball. I think it will take them maybe a game or two to gel and I think IUP can take advantage of that and will score some points. This could be a shootout but I am hoping our secondary can make some plays and if all this excitement is valid then I see IUP on top 35-24...however Ashland is very capable of shooting the sails out of this IUP excitement so I am really looking forward to seeing what happens.


    For those interested in this game, here is a PSAC West season preview that talks a little about IUP that was just posted in the paper...
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    I predict all GLIAC teams will win handily this week. Go Eagles!

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    Well stated NewEraW~. So what is your predication of our 2017 Warriors ? Can they / will they be able to slay one of the dragons and beat GV, Ashland, FSU and possibly go 8-3 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashlandalum03 View Post
    I predict all GLIAC teams will win handily this week. Go Eagles!
    How those predictions go. Blanket statements without research is a bad idea....

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    Quote Originally Posted by IUP412 View Post
    How those predictions go. Blanket statements without research is a bad idea....
    shocking people would predict gliac victories on the gliac board

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    Got a late start on the GLIAC predictions; Wow, saw GVSU and Ashland took it on the chin. Looking like an unpredictable year ahead for the top GLIAC spots.


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