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    I haven't had a chance to look at everyone elses schedule, but I know for sure SAU will be tested the first 2 weeks!! Hootens has SAU picked to win the GAC this year, but they need to not slip up the first 2 weeks or they could be a quick 0-2!! Opponenets the first 2 weeks are at Arkansas Tech and vs. Harding! Can they overcome that? I am optimistic, but we obviously have a chip on our shoulder not beating Harding in a very long time (at least it seems that way)!!! Thoughts?? (except yours division2... we all know your bison will win)

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    Time will tell on the Bisons. We will still be really talented in some spots, but we lost quite a few key guys that have been really goof for us for several years. Bisons have a lot of holes to fill. QB being a very big factor, and our defensive front 7 will be a very big factor. I'm not certain how those spots will play out.

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    I hate that this is the first game for the Wonder Boys. My first ever ATU game was the season finale in Russellville against SAU during my high school senior year. I don't want to count how many moons ago that was. I do plan on having family bragging rights against my dad this year. The home team has won 9 straight, last road team win was the Muleriders in 2007.


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