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    Shippensburg has the talent and depth to win a national title.

    I'll say this, though, Fite better get that team under control. Two different players should have been ejected yesterday, including Mr. GQ Sleva and his Ivan Drago haircut.

    Fite has now twice blown big leads (20) against IUP. He won both - one in the final minute and one in OT.

    Neither game should have got that close. They do a little house-cleaning .... they may go a long way.

    All three of those moron referres somehow missed the 6'9" Sleva strongly pushing the 5'10" Lombardi. The tough guy didn't push Devon Cottrell who would knock his block off but twice started crap with guys half his size.

    If they want to win a national title Fite better clean that stuff up. Sleva gets ejected from a game and they go from contender to season over very fast.

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    I know it's rare but if I'm Sleva I'd be looking to transfer up for my senior season. I can think of one team in Oakland where he could start from Day 1 next year.

    He's a D1 talent and could find many homes in the Power 5 level.

    He's going to play professionally.

    Him and the freshman from Lock Haven could both play at Pitt next year. Easily.

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    Spot on about that team. Exceptionally talented team. Can go a long way. But you're right. They are one official in West Virginia away from two players punching walls in the locker room by themselves while West Liberty or Fairmont shoot the lights out of the building.

    That team is totally out of control. I'll admit, I never saw Ship play this year, but if that's the stuff Sleva does outside of the confines of just playing the game, I'm surprised somebody for another team hasn't taken some exception to that already. True statement though regarding who he chose to push. Picked a guy half his size. Probably isn't as tough as he tries to act.

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