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Thread: UAA v. WOU

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    This is one tight game!! Seawolves back up by one with 4 minutes remaining. WOU plays some of the toughest half court defense I've seen all season. They do tend to jack up some crazy 3's!!

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    UAA up one with the ball and 1:13 remaining in this very tight contest. Devine has had a major impact on the defensive end during these last few minutes with 2 huge blocks!!

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    Damn!! Mitchell makes 1 of 2 free throws and WOU has the ball in a timeout with 9.2 seconds remaining and they trail by 2.

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    Garrison hits an easy lay up with one second remaining to put this one into OT!!! Anyone's guess who pulls this one out at this point.......great semifinal game!!

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    UAA back up 62-60 with possession and 1:25 left in the OT session. It's been Wiggs v. Omlid ..... may the best man win!!

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    Oh man......Omlid goes to the line with :30 seconds left and MISSES BOTH FT's.......Seawolves take a timeout and SHOULD get the final shot here in OT.

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    Ok.....this thing is getting crazy. Mitchell misses a tough one and after a few tips around the hoop and a desperation half court shot from Wiggs goes off the mark, we're headed into the 2nd OT!!!

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    2:56 left in 2nd OT. Wiggs drives and dishes to Devine for an easy slam!! UAA 68 WOU 65.........this is turning into an Instant Classic!!!

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    36.9 seconds left. WOU has the ball but they're trailing 72-70. Without Omlid this game would've been over an hour ago.....he's carrying Western.

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    14.6 seconds to go. Game is tied at 72. Timeout UAA. They should get the last shot here at the end of 2nd OT.

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    Seawolves turn it over at the end. It's going to be WOU ball with a chance to win here at the end of 2nd OT. Bad possession for UAA.

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    Faruq-Bey gets off a 30 footer at the buzzer that dang near wins it!!! We're heading to OT!!!

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    85-78 WOU with under a minute. UAA fell apart in the 3rd OT. Credit to WOU.....

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    I'm on the road following it online wow what a game

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    I was rough on two players last night for wou they really showed up tonight

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    fantastic effort by the wolvess lot of guys contributed great effort by both teams

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    Great game all the way around. Really thought UAA was going to pull it off in regulation, in first OT and second OT... And then. Shaw sent his athletes into Parrish over and over. You know that athleticism we (I) were smirking yesterday. They used it tonight well in the third OT to get an edge. That was a really good coaching move to find a way to get around UAA. WOU will have to keep the jacking 3s a little more under control with WWU, unless of course they are hitting them, but if Shaw can find an advantage with the WWU line-up, I'm sure he'll try to use it. Really great game for Devine. I saw him make some great post moves early this year and then he was so quiet for so long and tonight he played really well in finding his offense and coming up with some huge blocks. Also thought Parrish played well too, getting loose balls and ripping balls away. He just got exploited there at the end.
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    Wait. How did UAA go 3 OTs with only FOUR of their players scoring all their points? I don't think I've ever seen a box score like that

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    Epic game, as noted, an instant classic. Yes, only 4 UAA players scored, rather amazing. I like WOU's chances vs. WWU, no margin of error. Faruq-Bey had a great game and he doesn't have to hit 3's to do so -- he was 0 for 4 from outside (though one was at the buzzer). Quick/agile post J.J. Chirnside needs to quit playing to his weakness -- the 3-point shot -- and start posting up slower players. He was 0 for 5 from 3-point land, moving to 30% on the year. Yeah, he hits a couple every 5 games, but he's much better utilizing his length and athleticism in the paint.

    Looking for an upset tonight ... and hoping the late-season losses to SFU and CU don't kill the Wolves' season if they do lose to WWU.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CWU Wildcat Nation View Post
    Wait. How did UAA go 3 OTs with only FOUR of their players scoring all their points? I don't think I've ever seen a box score like that
    It was my son's birthday so only saw the first part of the game - long enough to see WOU go on a 16-0 run or something like that. Didn't walk away with a good feeling and wasn't surprised by the result. Not very hard to defend a team with only 4 scorers on the roster. Had hoped that WOU would get the win after beating UAA - maybe get that second bid. Not looking good now.


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