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    CWU @ UAA - Maybe it's a good game if CWU gets hot, but I don't see UAA letting down at home on senior night. I'll be watching Niles and Devine in the post. Niles got shut down in Fairbanks and he got a little hot-headed about it. I could see he'll want to have a better night tonight. Hunter is playing a really different game now than he did in the early season and kudos to him for being able to make that shift... He also had nothing but a sincere hug and high five for Davis at the end of the game even though Davis picked his pocket 2 or 3 times at center court. They should play hard tonight and if they get hot, maybe it's gonna be tight?

    SMU @ WWU - When the Saints play well, they execute really well. WWU has gotten beat this year by teams who execute well and tactically get them. The Saints can get almost as hot as WWU, so it could be a good game?

    NNU @ UAF - It's going to be a rough close to the season for the Nooks if they can't find a whole 40 minutes of pretty good ball.

    SPU @ SFU - SPU needs this one to stay alive.

    MSUB @ WOU - MSUB needs this more than WOU. Could also be a really good game? Give us a full report Tsull!

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    Not sure what to expect of the UAA-CWU game. The result is likely to be meaningless for UAA as I think they are a lock at the 2 seed in the GNAC tourney and they have a very small chance of being an at large team. On the other hand, CWU has to win this game to have a chance at the postseason.

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    Great game going on in Anchorage. 35 all at half. CWU playing some gutsy ball, UAA struggling to hit shots and getting out-rebounded at this point. Rough and tumble. Thought coach Osborne might be the first to foul out midway through the half but he seems to be back to smiling at this point.

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    Wolves won big, nice to see them end the season on a winning note after the last suspect few weeks (i.e., loss to SFU).

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    Quote Originally Posted by northernGNAChoopfan View Post
    UAA 84 over CWU 72 - Second half and UAA got back on track to finish undefeated at home in D2 games...

    WWU 90 over SMU 66 - Okay. So the Vikings played well for senior night. The saints went with a weird lineup, so I wonder if they are nursing injuries or having illness issues?

    UAF 73 over NNU 70 - Nooks played spoiler tonight. It wasn't pretty but it's way more fun to go out on a win for sure. Davis finished with 22 pts, 6 rbs, 3 asts, and 5 stls. He's gotta feel good about that. Maurice Jones who will be back for NNU next year finished with 23 pts and 18 rbs. Wow. He was a monster!

    SFU 93 over SPU 82 - Great night for SFU to close on. All of their double-digit scorers from tonight will be back next year. I hope they stay and I hope SFU keeps their coach. They were in a lot of good games this year and I think and hope they can keep everyone there and try to keep building. Getting their 4th new coach in 4 years just doesn't seem like the right move now... Hard night for SPU to go out on, but they bring so many young guys back next year that they have a bright future it would seem.

    WOU 72 over MSUB 56 - Bummer for MSUB with 3 assists and 16 TOs... Looks like they encountered that lane clogging WOU defense. Even a bigger bummer to learn they get to play WOU again next Thursday...
    This is why I should go back to keeping my mouth shut when I start thinking I know what's happening or what's going to happen... Sheeesh.


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