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Thread: Updated GNAC standings

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    Default Updated GNAC standings

    Six games left in the regular season. Bummer it's going by so fast, love GNAC hoops:

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    Regarding to road to the GNAC tournament in relation to the current standings, I just did a touch of research on the schedule/tie-breakers situation for the teams that are between 4th-10th place (I think the only thing for certain is that SFU cannot qualify for the tournament at this point, but WWU & UAA are very close to locking in their ticket to the tournament). It's a bit tedious to type out all of those teams schedules for the last 6 games, but here is the abbreviated version...

    *Tied for 4th MSUB. 4 road games, 2 home games. Has excellent tie-breaking wins over UAA, WWU, & WOU (who could all very, well end up teams with 0.750 or better conference records, the first tiebreaker after the series is split between the teams). With such good tie-breaking material in their conference record, they might have a little more breathing room than other teams, plus they are still in 4th and would win that tie-breaker with NNU)

    *Tied for 4th NNU. Also finishing with 4 road games and 2 home slates. Of note is that they are 2-5 on the road right now, so they may need to improve their road record to stay on the "inside" of the conversation... They do have tie-breaking wins over UAA & WOU...

    *CWU in 6th right now. They just got Ladd back who had missed 3 games, so maybe that can help them bounce back. They don't have any big wins over teams that are above 0.750 or close to 0.750 to help them in a tie-breaker though.

    *UAF is tied with SMU @ 7th. They split their series but UAF would break a tie with them because they have a win over WWU... UAF has the most home games of anyone left, but none of them will be easy, as they're slated to play 1 (UAA), 4 (MSUB), 3 (WOU), 6 (CWU), 5 (NNU) to close the season. They will likely exert a lot of energy in the rivalry game against UAA tomorrow while MSUB sits at home to scout their weekly opponents, so both these games will be really tough for them. I'd like to see MSUB join the rest of the GNAC in playing Tuesday games on occasion, rather than benefitting so much from being the odd team out and sitting at home scouting every single Tuesday while both their opponents for that week play it out on Tuesdays... It's hard to play Thur, Sat, Tues, Thur games for any team, and everyone has done it except them this year...

    *SMU is tied with UAF @7th. They finish the last 2 weeks of the season on the road, so they've got their work cut out for the as well.

    *SPU is tied with CUP 9th. They have 3 home games coming up and then finish with 3 on the road. they don't have any wins over 0.750 teams (yet), but they did take the whole series from UAF, so they've got UAF in a tie-breaker... (So, if you're UAF, you are not cheering for the falcons to do well and tie with you!)

    Outside of those teams looking to just stay in the tourney, another interesting game this Thursday is WOU @ WWU. WWU has been really bad at bouncing back from losses this season, despite their talent. They just had a rough week in Alaska and a big part of the problem was stingy defense from both Alaska teams. WWU suffered in turnovers and WOU are even better at getting teams to turn it over and getting steals than the Alaska teams. Sooooo. I personally see WOU as in the GNAC championship game, but I'm also biased in that the only time I saw them live, they were trouncing the Nooks and they just looked really good. Hmmmm?

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    Default Re: Updated GNAC standings

    Tuesday's game is going to be important for both teams. Obviously, I would like UAA to show that they are making progress by winning a tough road game, but it is not going to be easy. As for the scheduling, at least this time, MSUB is at home for both the Alaska teams.

    The WOU-WWU game will definitely be worth watching. Though I don't want to think it could happen, it is possible if WOU beats WWU and UAF wins over UAA that we could have a 3 way tie for first in the league, with UAA still having to play WOU in Monmouth. One reason I am really pulling for my Seawolves tomorrow, and one reason why I expect UAF will be extra motivated to ruin things for UAA.


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