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Thread: Saturday 2/4 games

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    Default Saturday 2/4 games

    UAA holds serve at home against SFU. Will let my northern neighbor give the UAF results.

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    Hell yeah UAF!!

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    Thankful UAA didn't loose their focus tonight! Tough game on Tuesday in Fairbanks.

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    Miller and Long two excellent freshmen for SPU, future looks good there at Queen Anne hill.

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    Wolves much better 2nd half of the season, particularly Faruq-Bey, who is much more in control; the emergence of Chirnside at post has been huge. My impatience was killing me early in the year, all the newcomers. Much better team ball, 11 guys contributing (Kulich 8 off the bench) ... just a more cohesive unit.

    Like what the future holds for SPU. Forced to play a ton of freshmen because of injuries, they look good. Long had 25 tonight, Miller 18 or 20. Excellent players.

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    In other news Chico is now fourth place in the CCAA.


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