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Thread: Saturday Night (2/4) GNAC matchups

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    Default Saturday Night (2/4) GNAC matchups

    SPU @ WOU This one is on Root Sports.

    MSUB @ CWU. One of these two teams WILL win this game to gain a game on the other.

    WWU @ UAF. Oh boy.

    SFU @ UAA. There were probably ~ 20 loyal SFU fans in Fairbanks on Thursday. Amazing. Do I sound like a broken record if I say I think they're going to get one, but probably not this Saturday...

    SMU @ CUP. Perhaps another interesting game...

    We'll see soon enough!

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    WOU 84 over SPU 70. Omlid a triple double and closing in on a quadruple double. WOU with 20 steals. WOW. Looks like they are honing that lane-clogging defense.

    MSUB 90 something over MSUB 60 something. Wow. Thought that might be a good game.

    UAF 94 over WWU 88. I swear. Not sure what to say. WWU opened the game hitting 7 (seven) 3 pointers in the first 5 minutes or thereabout and then the nooks remembered what the game plan was. Points in the paint Nooks 38, Vikings 16... That's with their 7 footer and Dickson throwing it down a few times but the lil Nooks play pretty good team ball and Matlock had the game of his life. I swear, Durham has had Dominguez's number for a long time. Remember when WWU won a national championship and came into Fairbanks the next year (January, 2013) riding a 30 something win streak? Yeah, ever since then UAF has had their number. And I'll give UAA a thanks for this too. The Vikings appear to have a lot of trouble refocusing after a loss as we all pointed out earlier this season. Super fun game.

    UAA 73 over SFU 45. They held SFU to 13 first half points...

    SMU 85 over CUP 78.

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    Default Re: Saturday Night (2/4) GNAC matchups

    MSUB 96 over CWU 69 in Ellensberg. Appears that the GNAC teams have learned how to defend CWU's outside game. They were 1-16 tonight from 3 at home - hard to win like that. That is a 5 game losing streak for CWU with 3 of those coming at home. Not sure what is happening but I hate to say that I no longer even expect CWU to make the GNAC tourney.

    UAF 94 over WWU 88.
    Great win for the Nanooks. Points off turnovers were WWU's Achilles heel Thursday night as well. UAA has to love UAF tonight but next Tuesday it is going to be a different story. UAF is now a game out of 6th for a seed in the GNAC tourney, and you get to play 4,5and 6 along with UAA. Season is still alive and I suspect UAF is really going to be fired up for next Tuesday - always a great game regardless of respective records.


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