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Thread: GNAC results, 2/2

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    Default GNAC results, 2/2

    Wolves beat St. Martin's in Monmouth, let the Saints hang around a little at the end, otherwise comfortable win. Concordia defeats SPU in PDX; Alaska-Fairbanks wins its 2nd straight, defeating Simon Fraser.

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    NNU 88 over MSUB 81. NNU has now slipped into 4th in the GNAC while MSUB and CWU have been struggling the last weeks.

    UAF 77 over SFU 64. I swear, I think SFU is in for a win on somebody soon. They have a lot more stretches where they play pretty well than they used to.

    WOU 82 over SMU 73. Kind of a rare "expected" win for the GNAC this year...

    CUP 81 over SPU 71. UAF and CUP stepping up to make it a logjam for 7th... But they are all a full 2 games behind MSUB and CWU.

    UAA 87 over WWU 79. Nice game for the Seawolves to knock off WWU! WWU looked out of sync a lot in the game and they turned it over too much. Nice defense for UAA, and although their bench didn't contribute a lot of points, they got stops defensively when they were in. It'll be interesting to see how WWU rebounds. The last time they lost a few in Vegas they came home and then played poorly for a short stretch, looking really shaky, letting SFU get close and then MSUB got them.

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    UAA 87 over WWU 79 Watched the UAA game on TV on Tivo last night as my son has scouts on Wednesday. Would have liked to have been there in person as it turned out.

    A few observations on UAA's win over WWU. First, it was the best game I have seen Wiggs play. Rather than blindly slashing to the basket, he kept his dribble and probed the defense and got himself some very nice looks inside or kicked it out to another player. Maybe it was a matter of matchups but he looked great. He got the GNAC player of the week last week, but this performance was far better than either of last weeks IMHO. Hammell continues to amaze me. He would be surrounded by three WWU players and still manage to pull down an offensive rebound - happened about three times last night where I couldn't even see him under the basket for the blue shirts and he would come out with the board. He ended up with 15 rebounds on the night. Mitchell also had a very nice game and offered the stability to help UAA weather a early run by WWU. Svejcar's shot was off and after going 1-9 he basically quit shooting and let Wiggs and Mitchell carry the load. The bench also performed well.

    The best aspect of the game for UAA was the defense. UAA used a high post trap to pressure WWU's guards. Devine is able to cover some ground pretty quickly and they were able to pressure WWU at the 3pt line. The aggressive defense that was always a hallmark of UAA teams of the past is back, and was the reason UAA won this game despite being rather average offensively. This is the game I had been waiting to see from this team. Hopefully they can build on it going forward and peak for the postseason.

    As for WWU, they are as good as their record, especially offensively. If you give them an open look they make the shot. To beat then you are going to have to play some great defense or score a heck of a lot of points or both. Stafford and Parker are great, but I was also impressed with Dickson and Shildler. Dickson is a nice player, and for being 7' Shidler is pretty mobile. As a sophomore, I expect Shidler to develop into a force inside over the next couple of years. He could add some strength but at 7' he already has a big advantage. With these two returning and a bunch of guards coming back, WWU has a good nucleus for next year, even though they will lose Parker and Stafford.

    77 over SFU 64 Glad to see UAF get the job done against SFU. There is still a lot of basketball to play, and UAF is not out of it yet. As for your prediction that SFU is going to steal one, I hope it isn't this Saturday night. Rather, I hope UAF can steal one from WWU. What is the temp going to be this weekend? It is dropping in Anchorage. We will see how strong WWU is mentally in this one.

    WOU 82 over SMU 73 Not sure that win could be "expected," but even tsull has to be happy with WOU's string of 4 wins including a beatdown of CWU on the road. This is the kind of year you would have to expect from a team that lost 4 of its starting 5 and a couple of other key players from last year. At the beginning of the year it was Omlid and a bunch of other random guys. Seems that Shaw has gotten the rotations determined and the rest of the team contributing now. A little nervous about UAA having to play at WOU.

    As for SMU, they have had a tough time this year. Looking at the statistics from this game, the outshot and outrebounded WOU. That should have been enough but three extra TO's and some additional FTs must have been enough to tilt the balance. Their are a better team than their record I think. We will see how they do over the balance of the year and if they can get into the GNAC tourney (where they would obviously be dangerous at home).

    CUP 81 over SPU 71. Concordia is getting it together. Nice to see the parity in the GNAC showing. SPU continues to struggle, but they are very young. This is a rebuilding year, and I think they will be soon competing for the GNAC title again.

    NNU 88 over MSUB 81. NNU also getting it going. They had three guys basically get double doubles in this game - Rodriguez (35/11), N'Diaye (25/9) and Jones (14/13). That is pretty impressive play. Preston Beverly (28/11) continues to put up numbers for MSUB, but his supporting cast hasn't quite got it done lately. Matthews went a miserable 1-12 from 3PT in this game. Ouch.

    There is some real parity in the GNAC this year. It should be entertaining to watch the rest of the way.

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    Really looking forward to attending the GNAC Championship tourney at Saint Martin's. WWU will have a spot in the West Region tourney even if they fall in the tourney; maybe the only team in the GNAC with this distinction. Nice to see UAA elevating their play; the Seawolves will have to find a way to be more consistent on the road. The last three years UAA has been one and done at the GNAC Championships.

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    Very pleased with the WOU win, of course. Also, pumped that UAA knocked off WWU. Excellent victory.

    Nice to see NNU moving up the ranks. They're my 2nd favorite GNAC squad, I catch a few games a year. They've gone through 4 coaches in 12 years or so, seem to try really hard on the court. They sometimes get the community involved, other times not. I like the new coach and the players he's brought in.


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