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    Here is the ODU class:

    Great class! These are great Ohio players.

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    ODU let their D.C. go on Thursday. Really strange timing for it.

    Truth is Cumming had wanted to fire him since he got there. Cummings felt like Conley made him keep all the coaches who had been there. In my opinion, Conley was right however, when you look at who Cummings has hired bc Conley's guys were WAY more talented in both recruiting and football knowledge. Conley protected the then DB coach. However, going into Jacobs second year, Cummings suddenly liked the guy and even promoted him.

    The honestly sad thing is Jacobs never knew Cumming wanted to fire him. Jacobs just always did the best job he could. Then Cummings used him as a pawn in the little coup he pulled over Conley. Well, that all culminated into a "I want to go another direction" talk Jacobs got before he was released.

    Meanwhile, at least three of their best players will transfer this year. Just like Omameh (Grand Valley) did last year. None of the top guys that were there under Conley like or respect Cummings in the least. Meanwhile, he lost great coaches that were all but coaching as volunteers bc they liked the direction the program was headed. Hopefully, his staff can recruit well or they will be like Findlay in about five years. Funny, Cummings coached at Findlay so he understand the model well.

    Cummings in a real gem. He is a great coach, but his ambitions are gonna be the downfall of that program and ODU was a once national contender. It will take everyone a few years to see it bc they should dominate the GMAC and be in the playoffs annually. But that's not bc anyone did a special job. That should happen anyway, no matter who has that job bc of the advantages of the school.
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    Well I guess if you're going to "kill" your Defensive Coordinator, better to do it after the ink is dry on your recruiting classes NLI's!

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    Who or what positions are leaving?

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    D.C. Harlen Jacobs. He was the DB coach too.

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    A funny story has emerged from Ohio Dominican this spring. Prior to spring they hire Clint McMillian. McMillian had been a graduate assistant at Marshall. They hired him as their DC.

    From all accounts McMillian was a good young coach at Marshall. He had worked hard as a GA and was excited about his first roll as DC at ODU. The ODU kids were really excited about him and thought he was a really good coach. That all changed quickly. Two weeks into the spring he left and has since taken another position.

    Multiple sources have confirmed conflict between he and the HC from almost day one. Additionally, he left after an argument after a practice. The argument may have been spill over from an on the field altercation. Either way it was a short lived experience. Additionally, it makes you wonder why battle with a guy YOU made the choice to hire? Losing your first major hire of your HC career in two weeks just doesn't look good. Furthermore, what could have happened that pushed a hard working, excited new coach to just leave? Is the atmosphere there just that bad? I know if you asked the players, in confidence, they would say it is that bad.

    This is unfortunate for ODU. Having watched them practice this spring it is amazing how far the talent has fallen from that of a once national contender to little better than glorified HS. They probably don't have 50 players in spring. Cummings has practically no coaching hold overs from Conley's staff and the coaching is average at absolute best. I don't say that to be cruel but a lot of the coaches are younger and lack a ton of coaching experience.

    While they had a scholly reduction down to the mid-20's they still were able to sign 41 kids. Six of those kids are playing in the Ohio all-star game. Hopefully, they can keep those kids and revamp the program again. I know that a few of their studs from last year plan on transferring, so depth could be an issue.

    The new conference should help. They better pray Ashland stays out. This years schedule could be alright even though I think they will drop their first two. However, it's funny that just two years ago I'd have said that with that schedule they may not lose a game.
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