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Thread: St. Martin's beats MSUB ... by 48

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    Default St. Martin's beats MSUB ... by 48

    Wow, 106-58 win by the Saints. Maybe St. Martin's is catching fire, maybe MSUB isn't that good. I do know if you lose by 48 in league play this late in the season, the players at least mailed it in for one game and flat-out didn't try. Horrific, allowed St. Martin's to shoot 57 percent from the field. No defense at all. If they quit like that the rest of the way, they are done.

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    This year in the GNAC. I tell you. It's crazy. I think that was supposed to be a good game! NNU beats WOU and UAA. MSUB beats WWU and UAA. SMU throttles MSUB, but loses to WWU and UAA. WWU kills UCSD, but then almost loses a tight one to SFU. I think what this says is not only is their parity, but it's also kinda a messy transition year where teams are really struggling to find a rhythm to hang on to. It's sorta fun for fans, never really knowing what's going down or who you can count on or so, but I don't think it's going to serve us well late in the season. We have tomorrow night right now, but I'm really curious about how the second half of league play will go after the craziness of the first half!

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    Watched about 2/3s of the game on Root Sports tonight. It wasn't that MSUB wasn't trying hard enough. They were being very active and trying to help on defense but SMU just moved the ball well to the open man and hit a "plethora" of threes. They buried MSUB early and then MSUB tried shooting threes to get back in the game, but (as can be expected of a road team) they didn't hit too many.


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