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    Default Women's hoops

    UAA dominating again at 13-1 overall, SPU also at 13-1.

    Is UAA fully funded scholarship-wise? What's the key up there? Young coach who knows what he's doing, obviously. WWU has been historically good in women's hoops.

    When I was in school back in the dark ages, Western Oregon was a dominant NAIA power. Led by great coach (also later our last good A.D., and an assistant football coach) Jon Carey, the Wolves won 25 games a year, went to nationals and often won games at nationals. In the 1990's they won two NAIA D-II national titles under a different coach, Rusty Rogers. Since then? It's been an unmitigated disaster. One year I think they went winless.

    This year's coach I think is in her third year, she needs time to build it, though that's moving slowly. I'm guessing her program has the WOU curse: lack of scholarships. Just a hunch, I don't know what she has to work with.

    I do know this is the last 9 years of WOU women's hoop: 6-8 this year, 2-5 in league; 4-24/3-17; 8-18/5-13; 6-20/3-15; 8-20/3-15; 7-21/6-12; 11-16/9-9; 11-19/6-10; 11-19; 6-10.

    When your high-water mark is 11 wins in the last decade, perhaps its time to see what's going on in WOU women's hoops? Recent WOU loss to marginal Concordia team last night.

    Current standings:

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    UAA gets 10 full ride scholarships, which is what most NCAA D2 schools get. They are allowed to split these into halves and even fourths I think. Some of their blue chip players are likely on full ride.

    Other than that, yes, they do have an outstanding coach. And he is following another top flight coach, so the program has been good for awhile. I've heard that he's tough on the ladies and very demanding of them (not saying it's a bad thing). Basically they don't have much of a life outside of basketball.

    The other thing that stands out about coach McCarthy is his frenzied, trapping and pressing system. They beat a lot of teams on their talent but also that their opponents aren't prepared for the traps and pace that they force the tempo at.

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    McCarthy is a very good coach, who has managed to pull talent from all over, and also making sure he owns his own "backyard" as well. He is young with full of energy and plays a fun style. I heard he actually turned down a D1 head job last year to stay at UAA.


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