Ok after Saturday's game, BU has played 14 of their 28 games, so in my world(because it goes by BU's schedule) we have reached the half-way point of the season (ok, if you were only counting D2 games BU would still need to play one more.) If I were putting out the rankings right now myself it would go like this:

1. Parkside
2. Quincy
3. USI
4. BU
5. KWC
6. Drury
9. Truman
9. Ferris
10. Findlay
11. Wayne

That could change pretty rapidly though. If Quincy or USI win their games this weekend then I think they displace Parkside. I know I did not give Wayne much love there with their record but they really haven't beaten any of the tough teams in the GLIAC yet and their only decent win is against Lewis at home. Findlay is coming on so I expect they will move up. SVSU has taken a tumble. Also say that Lewis has lots of opportunities to move up and I expect they will be ranked at some point.