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    In a battle for 1st place, WWU started hot shooting, cooled off, then heated up late to seal the win over UAA 91-84. I was at the game and Wiggs shot as cold as this week's weather! He only made 5/12 free throws and tried took lots of bad shots and attempted some silly lay ups. His 24 points do not reflect how he played tonight. Svejcar I was impressed with; great shooter. But for WWU, they have a on of size and depth. Stafford is a great play maker and shooter, very fun to watch and I would take him over Wiggs anyday. Schilder is huge, looks even taller than 7 feet. Parker was solid. But my POG was Hommes. He had an insane 1 handed dunk over someone. And Wiggs had a fast break, beat Stafford, easy lay up. Then Hommes came out of nowhere and swatted it away. Great hustle from him.

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    Oh my. It was a fun game to watch. I pulled it up to watch on demand this morning and managed to avoid seeing the score before the end. I think the team that deserved to win got the win. Seems like nobody in the GNAC this year can hang on to the momentum for more than 3 games at this point. But... UAA has played a lot better at home this year, so they'll get a round II with WWU later this season. Obviously the statistics point to the free throws~everything else was pretty tight and I'm sure that nobody needs to point that out to Wiggs. He's probably being hard enough on himself. It sucks to be in that position. Credit the Vikings though in that they were super frustrated to keep getting called for fouls on Wiggs, but they turned that frustration into good energy. I did think that although the WWU bench only outscored the UAA bench by a little bit, they brought more to the game than the UAA bench. It just felt like they had more depth and production. Although Fulp musta heard us talking about him. He's gonna be really promising for the UAA team and he's an Alaska kid, so double bonus. Super fun game to watch. A lot of good basketball players in that one.


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