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Thread: WOU-NNU game

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    Default WOU-NNU game

    Wolves blow 20-point lead, now trail by 1 in the second half. WOU still very offense challenged. They went about 7 minutes without hitting a field goal. Just awful shooters.

    WOU is currently trailing 53-51 and is 6 of 29 from 3-point line, just awful. The numbers: Reese 1 for 4 from 3-point land, Garrison 0-3, Trammell 1 for 6, Berg 1 for 7, Omlid 2 of 3, Faruq-Bey 0-3, Leaks 1-3.

    Berg and Trammell were supposed to be lights out 3-point shooters. They are 2 for 13 from 3-point land, Berg is 1 for 9 from the field and clanked two wide open 10-footers. Trammell can't hit the broad side of a barn, neither can Garrison. Omlid went out for a little while and they simply couldn't get a shot off.

    I like how they're sharing the basketball better, but boy, these guys can't shoot. Coach Shaw needs to find some shooters and fast. I'm not sure what to do because these guys can't make even wide open shots and there's no one left of the roster to go to. A lot of redshirts, maybe they were the shooters.

    NNU showing a lot of toughness to come back.

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    Default Re: WOU-NNU game

    Omlid hits nothing but the backboard on a 3; Wolves now 6 of 31 from beyond the arc, NNU responds, lets by 4 with 1:40 left.

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    Default Re: WOU-NNU game

    NNU wins 64-59, they deserved to, played team ball in the 2nd half.

    WOU just can't shoot the ball, they are awful from the field, be it long distance or inside. I don't see how they can get above .500 with all these poor shooters. The ugly numbers: 21 of 68 from the field for 30 percent; 7 of 35 from the 3-point line for 20 percent. When they beat CWU, the ball went down and they took better shots. But I'm finding out that is rare for this team. I've watched a lot of WOU hoops throughout the years, good and bad, and can't remember a team that shoots it this poorly.

    The bad individual numbers from beyond the arc: Reese 1 for 5, Garrison 1 for 3, Trammell 2 for 7, Berg 1 for 7, Omlid 2 for 5 (he's not an outside shooter, but right now their best one), Faruq-Bey 0 for 4, Leaks 1 for 4. Heck, they couldn't even score inside as 6-foot-9 Buster Souza was 1 for 6, and Yanick Kulich was 0 for 2.

    I'm not sure what the coaches do when almost the entire team can't do the one thing that's most important in the sport of basketball and that is to shoot the ball with accuracy. To be honest, I'm surprised these guys got to the college level without being able to shoot the basketball, it's just baffling to me. A lot of shots aren't even close, they just clank off backboards or back rims. They brought in a ton of new players this year, I'm just surprised that not one of them is a consistent shooter. Unfortunately, it's going to be a long year.

    * To NNU's credit, they toughened up down the stretch, played tight defense and took good shots. Bouna N'Diyae scored 30, 9 of 14 from the field and an impressive 6 of 8 from 3-point line. I noticed he takes good shots, in rhythm, rarely forces. He's a lot better than last year and he was solid last year. NNU 9 of 17 from 3-point land, 52 percent; 46 percent overall. That's how you play winning ball.

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    Default Re: WOU-NNU game

    Public relations writing vs. journalism. OK, former sportswriter here so this drives me nuts: Every WOU game story coming out of Monmouth leads with who scored the most points for the Wolves, not how they won or lost the game. "Despite getting blown out by Oregon by 39 points, Joe Blow scored 15 points to lead Western Oregon."

    Today's puff piece led with Omlid scoring 23, burying the important part that WOU blew a 20-point lead and had a very long stretch (I think more than 5 minutes) where they did not score a hoop.

    Quit writing puff pieces and just tell us the truth, we're big boys and girls. Point out how they lost or won and go from there. They clanked up a storm, couldn't buy a hoop, and did a crappy job of defense in the 2nd half.

    Please, stop the leading scorer leads all articles ... just ... freaking ... stop ... it!

    Puff piece ...


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