Really fun game to watch in Ellensburg! Congrats Wildcat fans. It bites for a Nook right now, but it was a really fun game to watch go down. I would have hoped that by this time in the season and as many 7 footers that the Nooks have gone up against they would have learned that no matter how you do it, layups within an arm's reach of a 7 footer don't work, but truthfully, on that last play where UAF had the chance to go up by 1 with ~ 15 seconds left and Niles rejected Davis again, I didn't really have Niles on my radar either-he came outa nowhere (or my video feed was slow?). I'm sure Davis is seething mad about it. He doesn't like to make mistakes.

Earlier today I was thinking the Nooks looked really weary on thursday night and they've been on the road for a month now with a few extra home games snuck in on Mondays... They are traveling with 10 guys, two true Alaskan freshman, so one distinct possibility tonight was that they get rolled by Central, and that they came out and dictated how the game went down, shored up the rebounding in a big way and took Central right to the wire made me really happy. They really played disciplined, within themselves and together. I liked that they didn't let any alley-oops go down, cause that always seems to get Ellensburg rockin. Hunter is a lights out shooter! I wanna see him do that on the road though!