I went to the game and both teams played hard defensively and both were shakey down the stretch. Wiggs had a quiet 20 and was doubled most of the night, he struggled to get good looks. NNU's band of foreign players played well and for once in a long time, didn't fold like a cheap tent.

Some thoughts based on the first time I've seen these two teams play this year, well, I saw a little of UAA's game vs. Buffalo ...

* I really like UAA point guard Mitchell (22 points), knows what he's doing, doesn't force things. He got robbed of a hoop on a phantom charge call late in the game. Excellent player, tough as nails.

* NNU has a lot of physical talent and often does every year, but often seems to have no purpose to what the do. Tonight they did, though they sure jack and miss a lot of 3's (7 of 27).

* UAA's bench is weak, very weak, didn't see any good players there. Coach had to take them out in mass early in the 2nd half as they were playing horrible. One time a lefty who had attempted zero 3's on the year took two in a row and bricked them badly. Helloooooo ... that's not your shot. Not to be outdone was NNU's 6-11 post who jacked and bricked one in crunch time. In an open gym I'd put $50 on the 3-point line and bet he couldn't make 2 of 50.

* Svejcar and Hammell struggled, though Hammell had 15 boards, but he made just 1 of 6 FG's. Whomever said he was better than Avgi last year must have had a few too many glasses of wine that night.

* We all (including me) have to turn down the hype-meter on these D-1 transfers. UAA's post is OK, but sure was hyped in the summer. He's not strong physically. The Cal transfer at NNU had a monster dunk and then got hurt and left the game. He looks the part, but NNU has 2/3 better players than him.

* Only 472 in the house, typical NNU crowd, no pre-game pub on this contest either. They need to do something besides just hold a game.

* UAA needs to find itself.