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Thread: WOU defeats Concordia in GNAC opener

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    Default WOU defeats Concordia in GNAC opener

    No clanking ... Wolves shot 51 percent from the field, 45 percent from 3-point land. Another new starting lineup, Kulich and Omlid as forwards, Leaks, Reese, and Faruq-Bay on the perimeter. I like the big guy Souza and hope he can get more than the 5 minutes he played last night. Another big night from Omlid, 19 points/9 boards.

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    Yeah, the first thing I saw when I tuned in was Trammell burying a 3 and I was like, "what?"... Omlid looks so good. Concordia did a good job of making him go right and he still finished most everything he started and he's so sound on defense too. He could easily be up for POTY if the Wolves can run the tables again during his tenure. I suspect with time in this season, they will get better and better...

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    I like that coach Shaw is trying to find the right lineup. Last year the lineup was easy -- four returning starters, add Omlid and Roth as 6th man. (Did I mention I miss Roth this year? )

    If they can shoot it reasonably well, they should be in the upper tier of the GNAC. If they return to clanking, it's going to be a long year. Yes, Omlid is off to a tremendous start, three double-doubles and almost a fourth last night. Kulich is coming alive, which should greatly help inside. Redshirt Reese is a good one, I've heard.

    * This is why I'm posting WOU posts separate and not in a long thread with other GNAC teams on game results because there were no other games last night!

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    Default Re: WOU defeats Concordia in GNAC opener

    WOU was demolished by the Ducks last night, 93-54. Granted, UO was an Elite 8 team last year, I believe, and a Lindy's pre-season No. 1 pick this year (too high) and currently 22nd or something, but WOU really got outclassed.

    To show what a difference a year makes, last year's WOU club had the Ducks tied a few minutes into the 2nd half, eventually losing 88-60. Oh well, just your basic D-1 money game.


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