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Thread: New GNAC predictions

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    Now that all of the teams have played a few weeks of preseason games, it's a little bit easier to predict the order of finish in the GNAC. There doesn't seem to be a ton of separation throughout the league this year, and I expect road wins to be tough all the way across the league. Here are my picks:

    1. WWU
    2. UAA
    3. CWU
    4. SPU
    5. St. Martin's
    6. WOU
    7. UAF
    8. MSU-Billings
    9. Concordia
    10. NNU
    11. Simon Fraser

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    I similarly agree only I would swap UAA and SPU. Falcons just play such good team ball. So clean, great defense. Always a good bet to be up near the top

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    CWU is my early pick to win it, overtaking my previous pick of UAA.

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    Northwest Nazarene got demolished tonight by their cross town rivals, the NAIA College of Idaho Yotes. The Crusaders of NNU are off to a rough start.


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