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    Not a good start.

    IUP 3 home games avg 1,386 -- surprisingly Friday and Tuesday outdrew Saturday night (avg 37% capacity in KCAC)

    Bloom 2 home avg 336

    Cal 1 home avg 304 -- In a 6,000 seat arena that's a solid 5% occupancy

    Rock 1 home 257 -- Still playing the Ohio University version of PSU branches

    Mercyhurst 1 home 257 -- not a surprise up there

    Edinboro 1 home 235

    Kutztown 1 home 208 -- Nationally ranked and 208 for opener ... Penn State branches don't draw well

    Ship 2 games 175 avg -- Back to back opening Penn State branches draw even worse

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    Manny Yarde put up 22 in Millersville win against Mercyhurst.

    Ship also blew out Boro, 103-72.

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    It's early ... but overall the East looks far superior to the West this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IUPbigINDIANS View Post
    It's early ... but overall the East looks far superior to the West this year.
    The #1 pick in the East, KUTZTOWN, didn't seem that impressive in beating 9th rated CALU on Friday. The VULCANS were still within single digits @ 8:33 left in the 2nd half before losing by 15. I liked their performance and hope they can continue on an upward curve.

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    The East is going to be a great race. Those preseason polls in hoops are pure garbage.

    WCU is going to be real good by Jan. Ship hammered Boro and Rock. ESU is always tough.

    Bloom is also a real good team. They lost twice this weekend by 3 combined points. That's tough. And, of course, Kutztown is solid.

    Gannon may bounce back this year. The Knights played WCU tough (Gannon season debut) and clobbered a hapless Cheyney today.

    Clarion and SH appear to be pretty bad. Cal has played better than I anticipated. They needed that one today against Mansfield. That's a tough loss.

    I really like Ship ... very nice players and depth. I wouldn't want to bet any real money on the East. Very tough division.

    Even Millersville beat Mercyhurst today. Shocking.


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