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Thread: UAA falls to Chaminade

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    Default UAA falls to Chaminade

    Wiggs 33, but Silverswords shoot 54 percent from the field, 48 from 3-point land to win:

    Only 202 fans showed - really?

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    Upset! I knew UAA was overrated. But hey, Kansas lost, too.

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    Wow. Chaminade shot the lights out. And UAA. Well, I'm not going to be quite as quick as Wildcat to say they are overrated. I do know that stat line in conjunction with this result is very reminiscent of late last year... I suspect the Seawolves will play much better against the HPU squad though... I think UAA is much better than this result indicates, but who knows, maybe Chaminade is this good too or perhaps UAA just had an off night. But I really think UAA needs to consider that they have more talent than just one guy drawing fouls, and when that's happening, nobody else is getting their mojo going.

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    UAA so overrated! I knew it! Suki himself cannot carry that team. It's WWU and SPU that look the best so far. And CWU too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CWU Wildcat Nation View Post
    I knew it!
    It was last year about this time that you were gloating about how CWU was nationally ranked in some statistics here too, right Wildcat? But you forgot to calculate in that they were playing NAIA and D3 squads... You invited and even laid out the red carpet for the idea that you could be dead wrong and you may have well just done the same thing again...


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