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    San Bern played really well against Fresno State on Tuesday night. Had the lead with 10 minutes to go. Local kid Khleem Perkins scored 29 for them! Hate to look to deeply into an exhibition, but maybe the Coyotes will be able to recapture some of their old magic this season. The CCAA is better when they are relevant. They are the WWU of the CCAA.

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    Looks like SF State played Nevada tough for about 24 minutes, and then the wheels fell off. Down 1 at half time, and then lost by 30. CCAA Newcomer of the Year Warren Jackson had 15. I don't see Apsay or Bynum (two returning starters from last year) on the box score. I wonder what that means...

    Sonoma State had a 30 point loss of their own. Looks like they are searching for offense after graduating sharp shooters Davis and Ahern. 29% from the field isn't going to win many games. D1 defense is much tougher, as we know. Big long athletic guys they don't see in the regular season.


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