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Thread: UAA beat alumni by about 30

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    Default UAA beat alumni by about 30

    The UAA men jumped out to a 25-5 lead early on, before the alumni was able to make it a contest. It actually was about a 10-15 point game for much of the 2nd half before the young guys pulled ahead to win 83-50.

    The alumni had Christian Leckband, Travis Thompson, and Boomer Blossom from recent years, so they were able to help keep it a competitive game.

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    Was great to see some of the past players out - especially those of the 2007 team like Arts and Olsen. But sad to notice how we are all getting older, lol.

    Can see that Pomrehn (17pts, 7 assists and 0 turnovers) is definitely a sharpshooter from 3 to go with Svejcar and Mitchell. Also could see Ryan's potential - though I still think he has a year of learning to do. Still makes a few too many mistakes. Simmers has a few things to clean up in his game too, but he has also shown he can play with these guys. With all the returning players, this has to be the deepest team UAA has had in a long time.


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