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    Everyone has their roster up except for WOU... Guess they are going to leave us guessing for a bit longer. SMU lists 6'8" Rico Nuno as a Jr transfer from EWU & Diablo... Should help Jorg shore up things in the paint. Verbal Commits has Nuno as being kicked off the team at EWU. Anybody know anything about Nuno and what he'll bring? While I think Jorg is a very tough matchup for both opposing offenses and defenses, having another center type player on their squad helps them. Jorg doesn't do well when the pace is fast.

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    The WOU schedule isn't up either, though it's on the GNAC site. We won't get the roster for awhile with football in full swing. In defense of the WOU SID, it's a one-man shop last time I looked so I'll be patient on the roster.

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    WOU roster is up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ca_ball13 View Post
    WOU roster is up
    Thanks, lots of carry over from last year and lots of newcomers, thus the 20 players on the roster. Some new players on the team I didn't know about -- Seattle prep kid and Lane CC transfer. Should be a fun year.

    * Strickland is gone.

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    I see that Kulich (Academy of Arts transfer) who redshirted last year is on the team. I see that the heralded JC rebounder is NOT on the team. This guy:

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    hmmm that's a tough loss. But defensively, Terrell Brown is supposed to be a great defender. I know CWU was going after him too. Shaw is bringing in another big group of transfers. Such a great recruiter


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