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Thread: G-MAC Basketball

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    Agree...does Fairmont have video?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Looking For 9 View Post
    Agree...does Fairmont have video?
    Of course they do!

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    Really rough start for CU women this year. The CU women have been a good team of late (even securing a tournament bid in 2015, prior to the auto-bid), but this year looks like it will be full of challenges. In addition to a new coach (Kari Hoffman, taking over from Kirk Martin - the winningest coach in the history of Lady Jacket basketball.), the top three scorers from last season are gone (including junior guard Abby Wolford, who will redshirt following a knee injury). So far, the ladies got smoked by Ashland 45-91 and ODU 35-67. They try to right the ship tomorrow against Tiffin.

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    I did not know about Wolford. A really big loss. I think most teams are getting better. Ursuline is loaded. Wesleyan has a good team but just not much size. Seems each team they play has a 6'2" 200 lb center that breaks her point record as our 5'9" gets knocked down.

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    CU Men:
    I was actually fairly happy with what I saw to date. Then, I saw that schnautza has CU tied with 0-2 Oakland City in his ratings. Buzz kill.
    1-1 against the GLVC, 1-1 against the GLIAC. The next two games will be tough (Ferris, Findlay). I will be happy if CU can win one of them. After that, two NAIA games and then another stretch of 4 GLVC/GLIAC opponents. I continue to like the two additions - however, Morlan is not playing as much as I thought he would. I haven't been able to watch too much so far this year (Its HS soccer season in FL and I have 2 daughters on the HS team and one on the MS team. Between them, they had 7 evening games last week). I should have more time to watch CU as the holidays approach.

    CU Women:
    Still rough sledding, but the ladies seem to be finding themselves a bit. The injury loss of Abby Wolford was very last-minute (she was in the team picture and on the initial roster). So, that was a wrench in the engine. Then, they got thrown right into the fire with games against very good Ashland and ODU teams. They looked better against Tiffin, and then won a well-placed-under-the-circumstances game against NAIA Cincy Christian. The next few games (CSU, Ohio Christian, Wilberforce) don't seem as daunting as the opening, so hopefully they can gel a bit before the schedule gets more difficult again.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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    Right back at you

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    CU - the Jackets got thumped by Ferris (but I think most are), and lost by 10 to Findlay. I didn't get to see either game (life is busy this time of year). However, from the write-ups and blogs, it seems like the boys actually looked pretty decent in the Findlay loss. They had the first of their two NAIA games (against Ohio Christian) last night, and I was able to watch just a little of it. I like Bennett. He brings good energy and he seems to be gelling with the team. They have Wilberforce on Sat. I like that they scheduled these two NAIA games before that next stretch of 4 GLVC/GLIAC opponents. Scheduling can be an art.

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    I'm not trying to be a jerk here, but Ohio Valley may be the worst team in college basketball at any level. They just got pasted by 17 - AT HOME - against an NAIA D2 team that I had never even heard of - one that came into the game with a record of 1-9 on the season...

    Next up for OVU is USI. If USI wins by less than 50 I will be very surprised. Of course, when USI wins 115 - 47 EaglePride will be on here telling us all how it means they can skip the rest of the season and go straight to the national title game, but that's not the point of my post. My point is, what the h-e-double hockey sticks is going on at OVU??? I know they lost their top players to graduation but did they just skip recruiting and just replace them with garden gnomes instead, or what??

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    Wow, score from D&E vs. Fairmont last night - Fairmont 134 D&E 110 ... defense anyone?

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    D&E hung in for most of the game. kept it single digits mostly. Both teams pressed.

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    I just now saw where Trevecca beat AL-Huntsville 64-63 in Nashville last night. Impressive win...wonder if it will give them a little momentum to perform better from here on out?

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    Yes they led for much of the game but fell behind and had to come back. New players are meshing some.

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    I think Kentucky Wesleyan is the clear cut favorite but they don't look to be invincible. With the Trevecca win last night that might give them some confidence moving forward. Cedarville and D&E are both solid teams and you can never count out AB. Shaping up to be an interesting year of league play

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    CU Women - Its been a rough season for the Lady Jackets. So, with that as a backdrop, it was nice to see them get a solid win over their local MEC counterpart (Urbana) last night. Hopefully things are trending up.

    CU Men - I told you I liked CU's scheduling (taking a 2- game NAIA break after a challenging opening). The Jackets extended the win streak to 3 with a win at St. Joes the other night. I know St. Joes is not necessarily a strong team, but it was a convincing/dominating road win none the less. The boys are starting to gel. Lewis is next (Saturday), then Quincy.
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    The Jackets lost both games at the Quincy tournament.

    I watched parts of the game against Lewis. I ended up fighting the live feed (which kept wanting to take me back to the beginning of the game) so much that I ended up just settling for the stats option. The Jackets hung with Lewis. They kept falling behind, but kept making runs to come back. Bain missed a 3 with time expiring - and the Jackets ended up losing 65-63. Very tough loss, especially because CU's only wins to date have been against teams in the bottom half of the performance indicator rankings or NAIAs. They had a quality win right their for the taking and couldn't get it.

    Quincy absolutely blew the Jackets out.

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    Max Miller signs with 2017-18 Yellow Jacket basketball. 6-foot-8 power forward from Hononegah High School in Rockton, Illinois.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwcpantherfan View Post
    I just now saw where Trevecca beat AL-Huntsville 64-63 in Nashville last night. Impressive win...wonder if it will give them a little momentum to perform better from here on out?
    Says a lot about the league, IMO. Good quality win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GMAC-Battler View Post
    Says a lot about the league, IMO. Good quality win.
    Good win, no doubt.

    They're 3-9 with losses to Maryville and McKendree, though. What does that say?

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    G-MAC ladies doing themselves proud tonight.

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