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Thread: UIndy In-season

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    Haven't posted since I learned both RBs were hurting and Klay in a walking cast all week. And was afraid to watch Saturday! So again against Pueblo our 3 year starter/kick off and punt threat/Harlon Hill nominee ran the like he did the Midwestern game - instead of his usual cut and burst with a leg drive before gang tackled he was just getting body lean and ducking under to get a yard or so. Ripp wasn't healthy so maybe should have ran the fullback Meyer???

    I agree the play action QB rolls out and hits the flare is what we never stop. That hurt us more against Ashland than Urbana?! We need to fix that. The DBs were all underclassmen this year but the LBs will be green next year. We need to pick up a couple new that can play right away.

    We thought we had some depth this year. But 2 DLs - Maida hurt and the Hillsdale transfer go out during the game. And 3.5 OLs representing over 100 starts between them out - Britner, Burandt, Brandes, and Mason playing on one leg? Obviously we had no other center to use. Canít use the long snapper when he plays D and is a 220 lbs outside LB.

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    If you had used the long snapper he still would have been bigger than our starting center haha.

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    Heard that Coach Bart was out on the road recruiting within a couple hours of returning from Colorado.

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