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Thread: OT: The UTOD 2012... GAC

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    Default OT: The UTOD 2012... GAC

    I'm running another UTOD over in the Off Topic Forum here to give everybody a little something extra to entertain ourselves with over the long off season. Its something we've done before, just not recently. Anyways, the idea is that we pick a bunch of different fictional characters, rank them by how many times they're nominated, and then seeded in a bracket and then we do polls with who would win in a fight between them until we then have an eventual winner. This year's theme is bad @ss chicks, so pretty much anybody who's female and kicks butt is able to be in the running for it.

    To get to where we're running the UTOD, just click here.

    If you don't have access to the Off Topic Forum yet, you won't be able to see whats going on. However, to access the Off Topic Forum, all you gotta do is go here, and just leave em a message that you want to access the Off Topic Forum. In a day or two, the fine staff here will clear you and issue you your pass.

    And just to give you guys all a taste of who could be in the UTOD, here's a list of some of our current nominees for the Tournament.

    Trinity from The Matrix.
    Princess Leia from Star Wars.
    Wonder Woman from the DC Universe.
    Black Widow from the Marvel Universe.
    Storm from the Marvel Universe.
    Foxy Brown from Foxy Brown
    Jean Grey (Phoenix) from the Marvel Universe
    Miho from Sin City
    Red Sonja from Red Sonja.
    Jordan O'Neill from GI Jane
    Lisbeth Salander from Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games
    Neytiri from Avatar
    Chyna from WWE

    I'm sure a few of you guys would have a few other suggestions for us.

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    Default Re: OT: The UTOD 2012... GAC

    I know a lot of you guys here know BlazerLady from the GSC, she has been nominated but we need to get her more votes so she will be seeded high and possibly get a bye. So come on over and vote for BL.
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    Default Re: OT: The UTOD 2012... GAC

    Ok, so with the switch over to the new server, we've lost some stuff, but thankfully I was able to get the results in on most of the matchups and we're only needing to redo a few matches because they weren't over with when we lost them. Anyways, the UTOD is still going on, and we're getting into the second round of matchups. Oh, and for those of you still wanting to get into the OTF, you probably should go and check in again on the link posted above here so that you can get your OTF pass, as that probably got lost during the transfer.

    Also, the Olympics are coming up very soon, and we'll be talking about it there, and cheering on Team USA and our other favorites in London as well.

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    Default Re: OT: The UTOD 2012... GAC

    Actually now all you guys gotta do now is just sign an extra little waver saying that you pretty much waive your right to be offended in the off topic forum now, so feel free to swing on by there and check it out, and vote in the current UTOD's.

    Also, the Olympics are in just 3 days, so we'll have that going on there as well.


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