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  1. Re: 2014 SAC Helmet Schedule & Schedule Rankings

    Noticed it wasn't the higher resolution, so I added to a webpage below. Use that link. Sorry for confusion
  2. 2014 SAC Helmet Schedule & Schedule Rankings

    Back by demand, the desktop wallpaper helmet schedule.

    Optimized for a widescreen laptop computer background. Or print it out and hang it in the office or on refrigerator or wherever.

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    Re: Pre-season all conference

    Clearly your informal list means you have a friend in the SID department in the SAC.

    Nobody who received accolades last year was left off or downgraded. If you made an All-SAC team, and are a...
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    Brevard Turf and new surfaces

    Via Brevard Twitter Account.

    Very nice look IMO. Badly needed for them with JV, High School and College games on there weekly. I know they asked for an all blue turf but were denied by Boise St....
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    Re: Summer Conditioning

    Definitely common practice. Plus you will have some guys coming in for summer school. Great chance to get out there (players only) and work on timing and skills before fall camp.
  6. Re: Queens University will not add football at this time...

    Saw that too, so bad. Still hasn't been fixed. I'm guessing no one from athletics saw this before release.
  7. Re: MBG 2014 Preseason Football Poll for the SAC is released.

    This looks really official !! I'm so impressed. Was waiting on pins and needles for that edit!

    Just brilliant to put national runner-up LR at #5 and Newberry at #7 after making playoffs last year....
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