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  1. Re: Bowie State QB Michael Goggans Ruled Ineligible

    I'm waiting for some more news from Bowie, but it is possible that they will have to vacate their four wins to date. That would have a major impact on the CIAA North and SR1. It is a terrible a shame...
  2. Bowie State QB Michael Goggans Ruled Ineligible

    Just got this release from the Bowie State SID...

    Bowie, Md. – Bowie State University quarterback Matthew Goggans (Pine Grove, Calif.) has been ruled ineligible for the 2015 football season. “Due...
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    Re: Bears feast on Eagles this week.

    Wingate and LR are both about an hour from my house. We'll call it equidistant ;) I visited Wingate in June. Mars Hill and Wingate were the only SAC schools I had not been to before so it was the...
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    Re: Bears feast on Eagles this week.

    Over the summer I moved from Pennsylvania to Charlotte for work. Hickory is only an hour away so I will definitely be coming to more games. It's a bit painful for me to not be seeing all the PSAC...
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    Re: Bears feast on Eagles this week.

    I was at this game last Saturday. Had a great time, despite the weather. Moretz is definitely one of my new favorite places to see a game.

    I can't even imagine how lopsided this week's game will...
  6. Re: The 'Everybody point and laugh at Millersville' thread

    I was only passively watching at that point, waiting for the game to be over so I could update the D2 scoreboard but I don't recall that it was from victory formation. It was 3rd and 2 so I think...
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    Re: Shippensburg - ESU Recap

    I paid the $6.95 to watch ESU's broadcast and boy did I get every penny's worth out of it. That was fun to watch.

    News and Notes from Week 5 in the PSAC
  8. Thread: Clarion.

    by Chuck Bitner

    Re: Clarion.

    They're a good team. They have a lot of things working for them. The game plans have been excellent and they have consistently executed better than any other team. I was feeling skeptical when they...
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    Re: Down to two in region one

    Beat me too it...NE10 and MEC fans have been anticipating that this could be the year that multiple teams make the playoffs, but don't forget about the CIAA. All three of those teams have done some...
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    Re: D2 Top 25 Poll

    If it happens, you can send you complaints to Reid Amos.

    Amos Named To Division II Football Committee

    Along the topic of the rankings, it was no surprise to me that no PSAC teams were...
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    I addressed this possibility in the blog I posted yesterday..the PSAC is not represented in the top 25. I think the same will happen will happen when the D2 poll comes out this week. From the...
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    Re: 9/26 Game Day Thread

    I agree. I don't see more than two wins on the schedule, but they are continuing to make progress. Taynor was definitely the right man for the job.
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    Re: Bloom, WCU , ESU

    Look a little further. LR is a team that throws the ball very infrequently, and that has been the case for years. As a team they attempted only 93 passes in 12 games last year.
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    Re: BU/MC Thoughts...

    Bloom's offense is the biggest disappointment in the PSAC this year. They are missing some pieces that would have helped, but with the experience they have in the line, at QB and receiver, they...
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    Re: Fairmont, West Liberty game Thursday

    I enjoyed the drama, but that was a frustrating game to watch. Both teams made some big plays, but the game was totally dominated by bad football. Not a great showing for television.
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    Re: Edinboro Loses LB Mike Shansky

    For sure. Gabe Tillman is still out as well. They started five freshmen on defense last week and five are in the projected lineup for Saturday.
  17. Re: CONFIRMED: WCU TE Tim Brown Reinstated by NCAA

    I wrote a few thoughts about the situation in this week's preview blog.
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    Re: 9/10 Game Night Thread

    There were some encouraging sings for the Ville last night. The defense gave up one really good drive and one big play. Other than that, they played very well looked faster and more athletic than...
  19. Re: Glenville State's Rahmann Lee breaks D2 single game rushing record

    Too bad he ended the night just short of the record. Also too bad that the stats during the game were not accurate. And shameful that Glenville State does not even had a game story published on their...
  20. Glenville State's Rahmann Lee breaks D2 single game rushing record

    In tonight's 64-48 win over Wesleyan, Glenville's Rahmann Lee set a D2 single game rushing record of 442 yards on just 22 carries. He also had 4 receptions for 60 yards. As a team Glenville had 567...
  21. Re: The "Everybody point and laugh at the rest of the PSAC" Thread is here!

    I think part of the reason he is gone is because he did not have what it takes to be the next great RB. He was good when the OL could get him two yards past of the line of scrimmage but when he to...
  22. Re: The 'Everybody point and laugh at Millersville' thread

    I'm with you. Coming into this season, I thought MU alumni had more to be optimistic about than they've had in a long time. I hope that will still be true, but I am very discouraged. Breitbach's...
  23. Re: The 'Everybody point and laugh at Millersville' thread

    I was one of the few that got angry over last year's week 1 Millersville thread (not because they were called out, but because the thread fabricated quotes from people that matter). This thread is...
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    MEC Week 1 Preview

    I can't promise that I'll be able to do this every week, but it's opening weekend!

    <a href=""target="_blank"><b>MEC Week 1...
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    Re: MEC Pick'em - Week 1

    WV State @ Fairmont St.
    Notre Dame @ Charleston

    Shepherd @ WV Wesleyan
    Glenville St. @ Urbana
    Concord @ West Liberty
    Tusculum @ UVA-Wise
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