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  1. Re: Limestone / SAC Scheduling Alliance Member 2015

    This is all true as far as the topic of off field issues and on field team. Hate that Blood had to bring it up again, but his hand was forced and the facts are there.

    The 2011 Crusaders were...
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    Re: Coach Mike Pope has passed

    Here is the article we released today:

    A great, great man, that cared about everyone he came across. A lot of emotion and love for...
  3. Re: Limestone / SAC Scheduling Alliance Member 2015

    Regardless of the agreement/alliance/partnership officially ending for NGU, it won't end their scheduling with SAC schools. We have already heard that almost all of the SAC schools will have NGU on...
  4. Re: LR is who I thought they were (actually they are better)

    Here is the link to our broadcast if you needed:
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    Re: SAC FB Digital Media Day

    Here is replay link to look back through day.
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    SAC FB Digital Media Day

    Begins in 5 minutes.

    Here is the link :
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    Re: Non-Conference Schedules
  8. Re: MBG 2014 Preseason Football Poll for the SAC is released.

    This looks really official !! I'm so impressed. Was waiting on pins and needles for that edit!

    Just brilliant to put national runner-up LR at #5 and Newberry at #7 after making playoffs last year....
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