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  1. Re: What are the Greatest Plays in PSAC History?

    This game came to mind for me. The completion to Prall was for 12 yards on 4th and 11, then the TD to Culver was 4th and 10 from the 17, with 22 seconds left. That was vintage Jimmy Terwilliger.
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    Re: Biggest Game week 1

    LR at West Chester is the biggest and best match up in week 1, without a doubt. Both teams probably be ranked and both have won a lot of games in the last couple of years.

    Lincoln at Cheyney...
  3. Thread: WPNT-TV

    by Chuck Bitner

    Re: WPNT-TV

    As long as Slippery Rock is willing to help underwrite the cost of production.
  4. Re: Known PSAC Athletic Facilities Renovations

    Millersville head coach Greg Breitbach posted a few photos of the work going on at Beimsderfer Stadium. Not much to see right now but it will be fun to watch the progress.
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    Re: Matt Burglund

    Matt has been a great asset for IUP, the PSAC and D2. He's done a lot to support all three in his years at the IG. I will definitely miss his work!
  6. Re: WCU Spring Game: Derr suspended, situation in doubt

    I think it was the newspaper saying that, and their point was that the offense was without four guys projected to be starters, Derr being one of them. Zwaan's comment was that they have to prepare as...
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    Re: Ranking Football Fields in the MEC

    Yep. That's how it was when I visited as a prospective student.
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    Re: Spring Games - Preview and Review

    Brief wrap-up of Lock Haven's spring game.
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    Re: LHU Allen Quits

    This is a good pick for Lock Haven. Urbana was a school with very little football tradition when he took over and he's built a solid, competitive program there. LHU is ahead of where they were when...
  10. Re: Cheyney opens Spring practice with Chris Roulhac as head coach

    I don't know if this was shared previously or not, but former Cheyney head coach Jeff Braxton is now on the staff at Wesley. Should be a good transition for him since he spent the last four years a...
  11. Kermit Blount Named Head Coach at JCSU
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    Re: LHU Allen Quits

    David Taynor from Urbana also applied for the Millersville job two years ago. As I recall, he withdrew from consideration before the final decision was made.

    I floated Brian McBryan's name a few...
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    Re: PSAC Schedule Openings for 2015 OOC Game

    I agree, it will not be an easy game. Ursinus is a good program. Its not a bad pick up for Millersville though. They need a team that they can match up with and that will provide good competition....
  14. Cheyney opens Spring practice with Chris Roulhac as head coach

    Interim Head Coach Chris Roulhac and approximately 60 players begin spring this week. Roulhac, who is no stranger to...
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    Re: Ranking Football Fields in the MEC

    I have not been to Wise, Urbana or NDC and haven't seen Glenville or Wesleyan since recent upgrades.

    1. Shepherd – One of my favorite places to see a game. Gains lots of points for the absence...
  16. Re: OT: Bloomsburg makes ESPN's Mike & Mike show

    This should be a learning experience for everyone. Social media is your personal brand. You CAN say whatever you want on social media...but the employers and organizations that you are associated...
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    Re: Alderson Broaddus MEC association

    MEC teams do have one open week per year, but it is different for each team. Its not like the PSAC or the NE10 where all teams are open in week 1 and then start the conference schedule in week 2. If...
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    Re: Alderson Broaddus MEC association

    It should be about business, not politics and it would be good business for all involved. The MEC should have an even number of teams. Adding the D2 program that is right in the same neighborhood as...
  19. Re: Are financial woes undermining Cheyney athletics?

    Drastic times call for drastic measures, but I tend to agree with you. St. Paul's College in Virginia cut all athletic programs in 2011. Less than two years later, the entire campus was closed.
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    Re: 2015 Football Schedules ?

    Depends on the circumstances that they discussed, but yeah I agree. If IUP had a chance to play Ferris and ends up with just 10 games, I would be a missed opportunity..and I'm sure everyone on the...
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    Twitter fun for the offseason

    It is the off season, but with the NFL draft coming up and some teams already in spring practice, football is definitely still on our minds. Due to the demands of my regular job, Iím afraid Iím not...
  22. Re: West Chester Hosting Lenoir-Rhyne in week 1

    It is a fantastic scheduling move for both teams and could be one of the highest profile Division II match ups in week 1. Given how well both teams have performed in recent years and what they return...
  23. West Chester Hosting Lenoir-Rhyne in week 1

    WEST CHESTER, Pa. Ė West Chester University announced its 2015 football schedule.

    The 94th season of West Chester University...
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    Re: Flanigan Out at Lincoln?
  25. Re: Are financial woes undermining Cheyney athletics?

    I agree. A possible move to the CIAA would have put them in a league with other HBCUs but it would not have saved money (certainly not on travel, as you mentioned) and they really wouldn't be much...
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