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  1. 2014 SIAC Football Predictions

    Tuskegee - 9-1
    Miles - 7-3
    Albany St. 6-4...
  2. 2014 CIAA Football Predictions

    WSSU - 10-0
    Va. State- 8-2
    Bowie St. - 7-3...
  3. Re: Ciaa announces 2014 football media day

    LOL, you need to trademark that. LOL
  4. Re: Ciaa announces 2014 football media day

    I see Bowie and WSSU in the Ship this year. The North, again, is a crap shoot and pretty much wide open again. But in the South, FSU might be on the Rams' heels this season....or getting a little...
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    Re: Mount Union OH (D3) vs. D2 Schools?

    Oh no, not Massey again. LOL Back on subject, I honestly think Mount Union would do very well in D2. Their program is consistently good year by year. gave Valdosta St. a...
  6. Re: How Do You Cope With The Non-Football Withdrawals?

    I can only go to a baseball game and watch, opposed to watching it on a consistent basis on TV. So my one word when it comes to football: Replays. LOL:smile-big: It's gotten so bad, I've resulted to...
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    Brian “B-Daht” McLaughlin, the public address announcer for football...
  8. CIAA football-championship game returning to Durham

    The CIAA football championship game is headed back to...
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    Re: Random News About Upcoming Season

    Not sure about your second question, but to answer your first one, I think it may be back in Durham or Charlotte. Remember, the CIAA headquarters is moving to Charlotte. But an easy fix would be to...
  10. Re: 2014 D2 Preseason All-America Teams and Rankings

    It's funny how the various pre-season polls differ. How is UNC-P ranked 17th in Lindy's and not ranked in the other polls?
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    Re: 2014 D2 Football TV Schedule?

    Wow, is that it? I may watch a few, but wow what boring schedule.
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    2014 D2 Football TV Schedule?

    Has anyone seen any info on what D2 games will be televised this upcoming season?
  13. How Do You Cope With The Non-Football Withdrawals?

    It's gotten so bad that I'm going through all of D2 looking for football footage! Has it gotten that bad for you?
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    Re: Alderson Broaddus Football 2014

    Nice looking stadium. What's the capacity?
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