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2013 SAC Column & Preview Magazine

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After many long discussions between my agent and the representation at D2Football.com , a deal has been reached for a one-year deal for me to return as SAC columnist in 2013. Even though I didn't get Bob Eblen kind of money, I am happy to come back for another year. In all seriousness, I thoroughly enjoyed writing last year and am really looking forward to this season as well. So many major shoes to fill for many of the top teams will make it fun.

As some of you may have read on the general discussion board, there will unfortunately not be a preview magazine this year. I have written the SAC preview for the mag plus the preview on a few Top 25 teams for last few years and it was a lot of work. I can't imagine how much work entire issue was for Brandon and company. They deserve the break and I hope you guys understand. However, that wont stop me from posting a preview on here in August. Will have full breakdowns of all 8 teams. 65 days away from opening the season on a Thursday night. Thanks for support from many of you last year; it was much appreciated. Have a great and safe July 4th weekend.


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  1. Braves'86's Avatar
    You're doing the Lord's work, Ryan.
  2. Matt Bracken's Avatar
    Ryan - you did a great job last year and I am looking forward to it again this year. I appreciate what you do - thanks for sticking with it! - Matt Bracken
  3. WU Fan's Avatar
    Outstanding! Thanks for all of your hard work buddy!
  4. maryalusy's Avatar
    Ryan! I will give you wishes for your hard work
  5. mgcomedy's Avatar
    Ryan, great job last year! Thanks for continuing to write for the SAC!