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As Saturday night and Sunday unfolded, there was only two questions remaining: Where would everyone land 2-5 and Was Mars Hill's 6-2 D2 record better than Fort Valley winning their division of the SIAC. At first thought with my post mid-week last week I thought the SAC would get three. But then I realized you can't fault Fort Valley for playing in that game. Once I looked harder at it Sunday morning, I knew for sure the Lions were out.

What I didn't realize was how much the 3-5 would mix up. No doubt in my min the Eagles move to #2 spot with a win, which they did. Whether or not you like the SIAC's schedule strength numbers as a conference, you gotta feel for Miles dropping from 2 and a bye, to 5 and a road game. Given, they didn't make their championship game. And dropping behind SAC champ Lenoir-Rhyne and GSC champ West Alabama isn't too surprising when you think about that.

I think it is great for the SAC to get two teams in the position they are in but as I mentioned on the forum it is too bad Carson-Newman and LR (potentially) will have to play each other in the second round. If Lenoir-Rhyne is 4 then they head to Valdosta second round and we get a shot for all-SAC Regional Final.

Here is what it looks like:

#1 Valdosta hosts #4 West Alabama/#5 Miles winner

#2 C-N hosts #3 L-R/ #6 Fort Valley winner

I saw some other forums talking about it but just so we are clear, if Fort Valley wins, then they still play Newman. They do not reseed in D2 Football playoffs.

Last note, Valdosta, Carson-Newman and Lenoir-Rhyne all enter playoffs with 6 game winning streaks.

Final helmet stickers and notes coming tomorrow, post season awards coming Thursday, LR game on Friday.

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  1. LR33's Avatar
    Couple of thoughts about the FVSU @ LR game.

    1. Turnovers are always a good measure of how a game may go but this week I feel this will be a vital statistic. Two of the best in D2 in this category.

    2. L-R has been great at stopping the run and this should continue. FVSU will be forced to throw short passes. Sure tackling will be key for the Bears.

    3. Running north and south will be important for the Bears. The power backs of Whitaker and Beaty will need to have a big game this week