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SR1 Regional Rankings

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The second rankings are out and the same 10 teams made it again. But there was some shuffling due to the results of the weekend. Here is a breakdown of the 10 teams in Super Region One:

1. Shippensburg 9-0, 9-0 Last Week: 1

With their win over Bloomsburg last Saturday, Shippensburg is clearly the top team in the region right now. They have clinched a spot in the PSAC championship game and appear to be very close to securing a spot in the playoffs.

They will host Cheyney this weekend in a game that is the ultimate trap game. The Red Raiders need to take care of business and can't afford to slip up. If they enter the championship game undefeated, they have a strong enough resume to make the playoffs regardless of the outcome. If they win the PSAC championship, they would earn a first round bye and home field throughout the playoffs.

2. Winston-Salem State 9-0, 9-0 Last Week: 2

Winston-Salem State appears to be well positioned to make the playoffs for a second straight year. They finish the season with Fayetteville State this weekend and then face Elizabeth City in the CIAA championship game.

If they win out, they will earn a first round bid but might not be able to jump Shippensburg for the top seed. But with two wins, they will earn a first round bye and home field for the second round.

3. New Haven 8-0, 8-0 Last Week: 5

New Haven was the benefactor of two teams losing ahead of them last week. They took care of business with Southern Connecticut and now face AIC over the next two weeks. First, they travel there for the regular season finale and the winner of that game will host the NE-10 championship game the following weekend.

If New Haven wins out, they will make the playoffs for the second straight year and host a playoff game. They will need a little help ahead of them to get the first round bye and a well needed week off after battling AIC for consecutive weeks. The Chargers might have a strong enough resume to stay in the top six if they falter in one of the final two games.

4. Bloomsburg 8-1, 8-1 Last Week: 2

Bloomsburg fell for the first time last weekend and dropped two spots in the rankings. It will be considered a quality loss but they still have some work to do to secure a playoff spot.

They will host West Chester this weekend and then travel to Slippery Rock for the final weekend of the season. Neither game is a guaranteed win for the Huskies and they might need to win both games to make the playoffs.

5. California 7-2, 7-2 Last Week: 4

California suffered a tough setback last weekend when they lost to Slippery Rock. Two losses in the region is not a killer with their resume but they are on the bubble right now. Even more important is the fact that they are not a lock for the PSAC championship game anymore.

They will need to beat Mercyhurst this week to make the game. They already hold the tiebreaker over Indiana so if they both finished tied, the Vulcans will face Shippensburg for the PSAC championship. A loss this weekend will most likely drop them out of the top six and the playoffs.

6. Indiana 8-1, 8-1 Last Week: 7

Indiana is in the toughest position in the rankings this week. If the season ended, they would be bumped by Shepherd due to earned access. That is not good news to the Crimson Hawk fan base.

They face Gannon this weekend and then an opponent to be determined based on the PSAC championship game. They have a shot at playing in the game if Mercyhurst beats California as they hold the tiebreaker. They stayed behind California in the rankings this week due to their loss to the Vulcans in September.

7. Shepherd 6-2, 6-2 Last Week: 8

Shepherd was idle last week but they move up a spot in the rankings. The Rams have two home games left in the regular season and will need to win both of them to be in the playoff mix.

Glenville State and Fairmont State will make the trip to Shepherdstown over the next two weeks and will look to ruin the playoff picture for Shepherd. If they win out, they should stay in the top eight of the region and get into the playoffs based on earned access. They still have the ability to finish in the top six and ignore earned access if some of the teams ahead of them stumble.

8. AIC 7-1, 7-1 Last Week: 9

AIC holds their own fate in their hands. They will play New Haven twice over the final two weeks. Once in the regular season finale and then again in the NE-10 championship game. They will need to win out if they are going to make the playoffs for the first time since 2008.

9. Charleston 7-2, 7-2 Last Week: 6

Charleston suffered a tough loss to Glenville State last weekend that might have eliminated them from the playoff picture. With two losses in the region, it doesn't appear that their resume is strong enough to absorb another loss.

They have two winnable games left with WV Wesleyan and WV State but will take a hit in strength of schedule. Charleston will need to win both games and hope that the teams ahead of them especially Shepherd loses one or more of the final two games. Without some help, it seems that they will be on the outside of the playoffs.

10. West Chester 6-2, 6-3 Last Week: 10

West Chester will face Bloomsburg this weekend in a must win game to vault them in the rankings. If they win at Bloomsburg, they will get a bump with strength of schedule but will take a hit with Clarion the following weekend.

It doesn't appear that the Golden Rams have enough to make the top six unless there are major upsets ahead of them. With earned access appearing to be in play again, they might need to get up to fourth or fifth to make the playoffs this year which looks like a long shot at this point in the season.

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  1. RL SMITH's Avatar
    How can Shippensburg be the number 1 team in their region and be only ranked number 11 in the nation by D2 Football? The Red Raiders are still not getting the respect they deserve from D2!
  2. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    The polls are done by two different sets of people. The regional rankings are done by coaches and ADs using a formula to rank the teams. The D2 poll is done by media folks who use their sense for who is better. Both are completely different and we see this all the time. The regional ones matter most and those are the ones to play attention to.
  3. Ram Tough's Avatar
    Thank you Paul for your continued insight into SR1. This WVIAC (until the MEC takes off) guy appreciates it.
  4. andersj's Avatar
    Couldn't UNH jump WSSU if UNH wins both games vs AIC? AIC is now ranked 8th in the region and received a lot of votes in the coaches poll, so UNH would have to beat a good team twice in 2 weeks. Why wouldn't that be enough to jump WSSU who would play pretty mediocre opponents the last two weeks of the year?
  5. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    I certainly hope so. However, New Haven's current SOS is not that good so it's gonna be really tough. Let's get through the first game first and we'll see.
  6. andersj's Avatar
    CIAA, amazingly, really isn't any better than the NE-10. St Augustine's keeps losing hurts UNH but SOS for both teams is weak
  7. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by andersj
    CIAA, amazingly, really isn't any better than the NE-10. St Augustine's keeps losing hurts UNH but SOS for both teams is weak
    Correct, But since St. Aug. keeps losing, it will hurt BOTH New Haven and WSSU. I could see the last two games will benefit both UNH and AIC.
  8. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    I will look at the math more after this week again. All of the SOS is on the NCAA website. It is much easier to to figure out after this weekend so we will see what everyone's chances are.

    Bottom line, win on the field and don't let the committee members decide your fate.
  9. gr8ness97's Avatar
    I dont think UNH will have enough SOS to jump WSSU. The Rams' will benefit from having UNCP and Concord on their schedule, and playing ECSU as an 11th game will only bolster their ranking. UNH will only get credit once by beating AIC twice. Remember, the same thing happened last year with a 11-0 WSSU over a 9-1 (9-0 DII) UNH.