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CIAA Championship Game Set, WSSU-v-ECSU, My rant

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With one week left in the regular season, the Championship game has been set. The Winston Salem State Rams will defend their title against the Elizabeth City State Vikings in Durham on November 10th in Durham, NC at Durham County Stadium.

The Rams took their frustration of their regional ranking and smashed Shaw U 62-31 to clinch the division. ECSU, took care of business defeating Virginia Union 27-21 and got a little help from Chowan beating Virginia State 33-21.

With both divisions clinched, and the game set for November 10th in Durham, could this weeks game be a trap game for both schools as both teams are already looking towards a conference title?

For WSSU, they play Fayetteville State in Fayetteville in the regular season finale and while I don't see FSU defeating the Rams, I do see a close game until the third quarter. The Rams are just loaded and should handle their business convincingly.

For ECSU, they will have their hands full because Bowie State has aspirations of finishing the season 6-4 if they can beat Elizabeth City and possibly make it tough on the Pioneer Bowl committee members to chose a team from that division. Being the Division champs is not a gimme to get selected for the Pioneer Bowl. The committee will chose the team that will sell the most tickets and make it a more interesting game. Nothing is guaranteed, so ECSU needs to step up and play hard and not get caught falling asleep at the wheel like they did against Virginia State.

Pioneer Bowl possibilities

Elizabeth City State: As of right now, and based on the regional rankings, ECSU does not look like they will make the playoffs, unless, they beat Bowie State and upset WSSU in the CIAA title game, which I honestly don't see happening. But if they do, they could be a 6th seed if other teams in the region lose.

So here are the other teams in consideration for the Pioneer Bowl:

Chowan University: The Hawks are currently sitting at 5-4 and play Lincoln this week, which they should win. It will be the first winning season for Chowan since jumping from a 2 year JUCO institution to a four year institution, Could Chowan really make the committee's decision difficult because it will be uncharted waters for a non-HBCU to play in the Pioneer Bowl? It would definitely make things interesting and Chowan would travel well.

Bowie State: The Bulldogs have chance to make the Pioneer Bowl if they can beat ECSU. They are currently 5-4 and need a clutch win against the Vikings to be considered.

Johnson C Smith the reigning Pioneer Bowl Champs have been on a tear of late. They are one of the hottest teams in the CIAA and if it wasn't for two bad losses against West Virginia State and Lincoln, this could be on the verge of an 8-2 season. But woulda coulda shoulda, and the Golden Bulls are sitting at 5-4 and play Livingstone. Will the reigning champs be favored to return if they defeat Livingstone? It remains to be seen.

St. Augustine: St. Aug has had an up and down season, and yet, they are sitting at 5-4 with a chance to be in contention if they can beat Shaw U. A tough task for these two bitter rivals.

Side note: I do not see ECSU making it to the Pioneer Bowl if they lose to both Bowie and WSSU. ECSU has the toughest road ahead of all the above schools mentioned.

My Rant on Regional Rankings

Never has one of my blogs generated so much buzz. Both negative and positive, I seem to have ruffled some feathers with my blog last week. So much so, that faithful blogger "gr8ness97" creating his own thread about my rant getting varied opinions. The blog itself got over 2300 views and 99 comments, and counting.

If you're somehow looking for an apology from me, keep waiting, because you're not going to get one.

While my intentions were to just voice my opinion, my blog did discover there is a human element involved in the regional ranking process and not simply math.

Lets get a few things clear, we are all volunteers. We do this on our free time, in the midst of our hectic life schedules, full time jobs, family, and any other thing that might get in the way of life. I'm not trying to win a Pulitzer, nor blogger of the year. I fired off in anger because i felt WSSU was not getting any respect with their #2 regional ranking. Could I have said it differently? sure, but I didn't want to give you instant narcolepsy with a boring feel good blog.

What we have discovered is that human element plays a roll in the rankings. We discovered there is no such thing as a "power conference" and that last years results have nothing to do with this years regional ranking. Yet, last years results are somehow determined in strength of schedule. If this were the first year of D2Football, and all teams in each conference finished 11-0, how would you determine who's the #1 ranked team in the region? There is some historical component that plays a part, right?

I, as the CIAA blogger, can admit the PSAC is a better football conference from top to bottom. Hands down! Well, How did I come to that conclusion? Because the PSAC has beaten up on CIAA schools in the playoffs consistently, except for the second round last year, and they beat up other schools in other conferences as well. So, If I think the PSAC is a better conference, then I'm guessing other bloggers, journalist and committee members think the same. Same as MIAA schools, same as GSC school and so on. Last season, there was a post Bob Eblen did on conference rankings. Where was the CIAA and the SIAC? near the bottom. Why? Historical results maybe?

Does anyone remember a few years back when West Alabama made the playoffs as a #6 seed with a 7-4 record? They had an upset win on the last game of the season beating North Alabama, they were never in any of the regional rankings, then suddenly make the playoffs out of nowhere? Are you freaking kidding me? And who got bumped? Well deserving schools with two losses. Some of which were HBCU's. I was not creating any type of racial divide as some fans have written, just bringing awareness to the topic.

When Bob Eblen writes his articles week in and week out, When is WSSU even mentioned? Maybe once this year, if that? My followers always seem to mention to me "Hey Gil, what's up with Bob not mentioning WSSU"? So I ask the question, What is up with Bob never mentioning WSSU? Please enlightening me.

So, here we are, coming down to the last regular season game and I seemed to have stirred the pot. Maybe I wasn't politically correct, maybe I was a bit strong with my "pissed off" language. Maybe I could have said it differently, you're right, maybe!?

Listen folks, there's 1.34 billion people in China, 1.22 billion in India, none of which who read my blog, so just RE-"FREAKING"-LAX. This is a blog about d2football, not the NY Times editorial. We are all fans that are passionate about our teams, our schools, and about our conferences, add to the fact, we all have opinions. I served four years in the Army defending my freedom of speech, not for censorship. I didn't yell fire in a movie theater nor did I curse out the Pope. From here on out and for the rest of the season, this will make the anticipated regional rankings that much more enjoyable. There's no such things as bad publicity. Remember, this is strictly entertainment. At the end of the day, it will be settled on the field.

Game of Week

Elizabeth City State (6-3, 5-1) at Bowie State (5-4, 2-4): ECSU could get caught slipping, going with my gut
Prediction: ECSU 20 Bowie 17

Shaw (4-5, 3-3) at St. Aug (5-4, 3-3): Shaw got hammered last week, but St. Aug is looking for a winning season Prediction: St. Aug 30 Shaw 28

WSSU (9-0, 6-0) at Fayetteville State (2-7, 1-5): It could be close initially, but the Rams will prevail.
Prediction: Winston Salem State 48 FSU 21

Livingstone (2-7, 2-4) at Johnson C Smith (5-4, 4-2): The Golden Bulls are on fire, they should take care of business
Prediction: JCSU 42 Livingstone 14

Virginia State (4-5, 3-3) at Virginia Union (4-5, 2-4): This heated rivalry is a toss up.
Prediction: VSU 17 VU 14

Lincoln (1-8, 1-5) at Chowan (5-4, 4-2): Look for Chowan to have a winning season
Prediction: Chowan 35 Lincoln 17

Fans, I want to hear from you

Some CIAA faithful stated they were embarrassed, some stated it was needed, some stated I needed to tone it down, some stated I did the CIAA a disservice. Like or not, it has gotten everyone talking. There is more than one way to skin a cat, sure!

Time to hear from you

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  1. BearcatDude's Avatar
    You are still a moron if you don't realize that SOS is simply a mathematical formula.
  2. Gilberto Alvarado's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BearcatDude
    You are still a moron if you don't realize that SOS is simply a mathematical formula.
    Here we go with the insults. Has anyone ever noticed that its folks from other conferences seem to always feel the liberty to come on here and insult others? Check out the blog forums, PSAC, MIAA always like to boost their manhood by insulting folks. c'mon son, thank you for reading my blog
  3. 1020am's Avatar
    As a Winston Alum I really appreciate the passion you put into all of your blogs, but you have to give Bob some credit. A couple of weeks ago he did say that Winston was his favorite to when the region again and gave our offense and defense much praise.
  4. BearcatDude's Avatar
    Yet, last years results are somehow determined in strength of schedule.
    No it does not. SOS is a mathematical formula based on OWP and OOWP. This was pointed out to you numerous times on your other blog. I'm sorry if you don't like me pointing out the obvious but yes, you are a moron for insisting that last years results somehow affect this years SOS.
  5. ECSU2000's Avatar
    Nice come back blog Gil. Also ingore the BearcatDude makes me wish we had the delete button... Back to football. Not really excited about this week because there is nothing to play for. However, Can't wait until next week....
  6. Gilberto Alvarado's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 1020am have to give Bob some credit....
    The only people that have complained to me about Bob are WSSU folks. Is that the one time he mentioned WSSU for the season? i don't complain about Bob, WSSU folks do, i just reiterate it in my blog this week.
  7. Gilberto Alvarado's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BearcatDude are a moron ...
    Thank you, i really appreciate you reading my blog.
  8. Gilberto Alvarado's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ECSU2000
    ..Back to football. .....
    Thank you, lets stick with football and the CIAA. It will be settled on the field. I think its a trap game for ECSU. Bowie has more to play for
  9. wssuram's Avatar
    Gil, I will man up by saying that my criticism of your last blog was a bit hypocritical. Terms I used were "embarassed" and "disservice". I mentioned that it "is not always what you say but how you say it." I could have given you feedback without attacking you. I do appreciate what you do for the CIAA. But like you, I will stand on the spirit of my post. WSSU will take care of business on the field. No one can be voted National Champion in D2 football.
  10. gr8ness97's Avatar
    YAY, a shout out.

    I just found it rather "puzzling" how one can be so upset when there is still so much football to be played. WSSU was in the same position last year, as a #2 until the final rankings came out. I dont know if the blog can be considered "passionate" as much as "emotional", and not necessarily in a positive way. Just my two cents.
  11. Gilberto Alvarado's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by wssuram
    Gil, I will man up by saying that my criticism of your last blog was a bit hypocritical..
    Thank you for the feedback, but I'm glad you said what you said. I'm glad I wrote what I wrote. I'm glad it has generated buzz, but murdockw summed it up by saying, its my job to generate buzz and now we have a better idea how the regional rankings work
  12. Gilberto Alvarado's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by gr8ness97
    YAY, a shout out.
    Thank you for creating the thread, lets here what other folks think in a different forum. As you see, them folks from the other conferences seem to only know how to insult with name calling. I'll take it
  13. SUBEAR's Avatar
    Gil, Much respect for bringing much needed attention to this disparity in the RR. I played on a GLIAC playoff team in 2008 (Ashland) and a CI playoff team (shaw) 2010, and I can say that there is a difference hell we started 0-2 @ Ashland and the coaches told us there was no worry because we played in the Gliac, win out we make the playoffs. However CI schools don't have that luxury u lose 2 ooc games, its harder to make ground up playing in a weaker conference even when u win convincingly.
  14. SUBEAR's Avatar
    well at least miles is getting some respect they are number 1 in their region. However they are by far not as good as a team as WSSU. I guess that region must be weak.
  15. SUBEAR's Avatar
    So will WSSU finish second in the RR after defeating a 2 win FSU team?
  16. gr8ness97's Avatar
    Disparity? The GLIAC routinely triumphs over good teams in other conferences; thus, they have a higher OWP and OOWP and can generally absorb 2 losses. The CIAA schools dont have such a luxury because conference opponents play weak OOC schedules and/or lose against stronger OOC opponents. If the CIAA could win, we would be okay.
  17. WSSU1996's Avatar
    Gil, you da MAN! I learned a lot from last week both from the CIAA faithful and D2 Football Nation. I pointed my Regional Committee contact to your blog and a few of the subsequent threads and we had a tremendous laugh. Folks are "clueless" to how this system "REALLY" works. It does make for great discussion, however. Terminology is truly regional.. Anyway, back to football, ECSU is in a precarious situation, however, win and you chart your own course!
  18. IM N GUD H&NZ BEARCAT's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SUBEAR
    So will WSSU finish second in the RR after defeating a 2 win FSU team?
    Don't be surprised if an 8-0 New Haven teams beats a 7-1 American International team, improves to 9-0, and then jumps ahead of WSSU. I'm not saying it WILL happen...I just wait to hear from Taxman, Bourbon Section, and Shocker each week as they compute the RR.
  19. wssuque's Avatar
    Gil just wanted to let you know that you are truly appreciated. That BearCatPus is a joke and I really wish WSSU could get a hold of his school. As far as Bob goes he has no clue what is going on, film does not lie and I bet he has not looked at a WSSU game all season. CIAA may be a weak conference but WSSU would dominate in all conferences this year. Playoffs will prove that this year. We travel well so an away game or two will not stop us this year. GET RAMATIZED!!!
  20. gr8ness97's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by IM N GUD H&NZ BEARCAT
    Don't be surprised if an 8-0 New Haven teams beats a 7-1 American International team, improves to 9-0, and then jumps ahead of WSSU. I'm not saying it WILL happen...I just wait to hear from Taxman, Bourbon Section, and Shocker each week as they compute the RR.
    AIC and New Haven's schedules are not strong enough to jump over a 9-0 WSSU.
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