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Regional Rankings are a joke. Week 8 preview

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So I'm sure by now you have seen the regional rankings. What a slap in the face to Winston Salem State and the CIAA! How in the world can Shippensburg be ranked ahead of WSSU if The Rams are ranked #4 in the poll and #2 in the AFCA poll while Shippensburg is ranked 13th?

I'm angered. Wait, more than angered, I'm pissed off!!!!! Yes I said it, I'M PISSED OFF!!!! Two years ago, I could understand, but last year, WSSU made it all the way to the national semi-finals. They have played a solid schedule, especially non-conference, and somehow, you think Shippensburg is better ranked than Winston Salem State? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?

I actually had to cool off for a few days before I typed because I was on the verge of losing my religion. First, you let Northwest Missouri leapfrog WSSU in the polls, now you vote Shippensburg ahead of Winston in the regional rankings.

Lets imagine the current regional rankings stay on track and the season finishes off as is. See regional Rankings below.

Super Region 1

Team D2 Overall
1. Shippensburg 8-0 8-0
2. Winston-Salem 8-0 8-0
3. Bloomsburg 8-0 8-0
4. California 7-1 7-1
5. New Haven 7-0 7-0
6. Charleston 7-1 7-1
7. IUP 7-1 7-1
8. Shepherd 6-2 6-2
9. American International 6-1 6-1
10. West Chester 5-2 5-3

If our region, SR1 stays the same and both Shippensburg and WSSU win out, that means WSSU will eventually have to travel north and play an away game in Pennsylvania. Which is a huge possibility. Thats a big advantage for Shippensburg, and if WSSU wins at Shippensburg, the would play the higher seeded team in the other region on the road.

So I'm curious to know how these votes takes place? Who are these people voting? Where did they go to school? Why do you consistently disrespect WSSU and the CIAA? Didn't WSSU slap around California (PA) and New Haven last year in the playoffs? Are your memories that short or are you just in denial that an HBCU just slapped around your school last year? What is it for crying out loud?

Folks, this is not just a gripe for WSSU fans and alums, this is a gripe for all HBCU alums, for all CIAA alums.

This week, I'm taking the "Less is more" approach.

Game of the Week

Winston Salem State at Shaw Winston will take their regional ranking anger out on Shaw

Prediction: WSSU 35 Shaw 17

St. Aug at Johnson C Smith JCSU is on a roll
Prediction: JCSU 21 St. Aug 20

Virginia Union at ECSU The Vikings continue on path to Durham
Prediction: ECSU 24 Virginia Union 21

Chowan at Virginia State Chowan has fallen off, VSU is hot.
Prediction: Virginia State 32 Chowan 30

Bowie State at Lincoln Bowie should win, but which Bowie team will show up?
Prediction: Bowie State 28 Lincoln 14

Livingstone at Fayetteville State It's homecoming for FSU, they should win.
Prediction: FSU 35 LC 21

Fans, I need to hear from you

How did you feel when you saw the regional rankings? It's time to fire off!!!

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  1. Horror Child's Avatar
    While everything you state is true, when it comes to D2 regional rankings, 1. previous years are not considered, 2. Ship and New Haven are also undefeated; Ship's SOS is better than WSSU, New Haven's is worse; Ship and New Haven both defeated OOC opponents. Attendance numbers, previous playoffs results and weather are not considered.

    So from this list of thinkgs, only SOS is considered and it's why they're in the order they are.
  2. Horror Child's Avatar
    Regional rankings are a JOKE!!! What a slap in the face to Millersville. The Marauders are ranked #3 in the nation in the coaches poll ( ), but not in the top three in their region and got left out of the playoffs ( ) . They played a solid schedule. Even beat half the teams that are in the playoffs!!! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? Disresepct!!!
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