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Virginia State Stuns Bowie, WSSU looks unstoppable, Who will win the North?

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It's hard to believe, but there is only three weeks left in the football season and the Northern Division seems to be up for grabs. For some odd reason, every time I give a team credit for their victory the previous week, they happen to lose the following week; hence: Bowie State!

Last week I gave Bowie credit winning their game against Chowan which was well deserved, this week, they allow Virginia State to hang around and the VSU Trojans pull off the upset in overtime during Bowie's homecoming. Bowie, you're killing me! As soon as I show you love, you let me down. C'mon son!!!! The Trojan victory basically proves there is no clear cut favorite to win the Northern Division and now it comes down to a three team race between Chowan, Elizabeth City State, and Virginia State.

While most would bet ECSU is the clear cut favorite. I disagree. I think there is no favorite and all three teams have a good chance of winning the division. Regardless of who wins the division, the winner would still have to play either Winston Salem State or Shaw. Unless the Shaw Bears prove me wrong, they just look like a contender for the Southern Division on paper, but the clear cut favorite for the Southern Division will be WSSU. The two meet on October 27th in Raleigh for what looks to be the division title baring any slip up this coming weekend.

Game of the Week

Chowan (4-3, 3-1) at Elizabeth City State (4-3, 3-1) Homecoming

Chowan has a chance to have their first winning season since moving up to D2. In fact, it might be their first winning season since going from a two year school to a four year school. Their offense can put up some serious numbers and they can go toe to toe with the best of them. A win by Chowan on the road during ECSU's homecoming, will speak volumes. However, beating the defending Northern Division champs will not be an easy task. ECSU has the best RB in the conference in Daronte McNeill. They have a solid defense and have had a winning formula over the past 5 years. Chowan is new to winning, but Head Coach Tim Place has positioned the Hawks to make history. In my opinion, if you're new to winning, its like have new money, sometimes you just do not know what to do with it.

My prediction: ECSU 34 Chowan 31

Johnson C Smith (3-4, 2-2) at Shaw (4-3, 3-1)

Which Johnson C Smith will show up this weekend? Will it be the team that gave up 55 points in a loss to Lincoln? or will it be the team that beat Fayetteville State last week on the road? Bottom line, this team has been so inconsistent, its nauseating. JCSU is so inconsistent, I cannot pick them to win anything, especially after their loss to Lincoln. For the Shaw Bears, its appears they have their Shaw U Swag back. After starting off 0-2, Shaw has won 4 of 5 and looking like the Shaw teams we are accustomed to. But this is a trap game for Shaw, they could be looking to next weeks match-up against Winston Salem State and could get caught slipping. This game could start off slow for Shaw before they wake up and have a comeback victory.

My prediction: Shaw 24 JCSU 23

Bowie State (4-3, 1-3) at Virginia Union (3-4, 1-3)

Bowie State sure does know how to play with my emotions. As soon as i begin to feel guilty for not giving them credit, they win a big game. But when I give them credit for their accomplishments, they lose a winnable game, and during their homecoming for crying out load! Bowie State is a team I have a love hate relationship with. As far as Virginia Union, I'm not feeling confident about this team at all. There's something about VU I just can't put my finger on. My guess is because they started off 2-0 while playing sub-par competition. Bowie State should win this game, especially after last weeks disappointing loss.

My prediction: Bowie State 28 Virginia Union 24

Lincoln (1-6, 1-3) at Virginia State (3-4, 2-2)

Virginia State pulled off the clutch victory last week at Bowie's Homecoming 26-20 in OT. With that win, if Virginia State wins their remaining games and Chowan can beat ECSU, they would control their own destiny. VSU would have to beat Chowan and win the final game of the season to finish 6-4 to be in Durham for the CIAA Championship. As far as Lincoln, question.

My prediction: Virginia State 35 Lincoln 14

Livingstone (2-5, 2-2) at #4 Winston Salem State (7-0, 4-0)

For the briefest of moments, Livingstone was tied for first place in the division with WSSU. Add a few weeks to the equation, and reality sets in. Winston Salem State is ranked 4th in the poll and 2nd in the AFCA poll. They look unstoppable. WSSU's biggest obstacle this year, is themselves. There's no reason why this team should lose any game in the regular season. Especially against Livingstone.

My prediction: WSSU 49 Livingstone 14

Fayetteville State (1-6, 0-4) at St. Aug (4-3, 2-2)

Fayetteville State is falling to the bottom of a bottomless pit. They are on pace to finish 2-8 or 1-9 (pending a homecoming victory). They have finally stuck with one QB and it has not produced any wins. St. Aug is a team jockeying for a Pioneer Bowl berth. St. Aug looks better and should win this game.

My prediction: St. Aug 28 FSU 18

The C'mon Son moment, poll -v- AFCA Poll for WSSU

So this morning releases their poll and WSSU moved up one spot to #4. In the AFCA poll, WSSU is #2. The reason for the C'Mon Son, Northwest Missouri suddenly leapfrogged WSSU from their #7 spot to #3 while they have a 6-1 record. Now lets give Northwest Missouri credit, they upset then #1 Pittsburgh State, but to move up four spots with one loss is a slap in the face to WSSU and the other undefeated schools. As they say "Thats that Bull_ _ _ _"

My inbox, FSU head Coaching situationist

So I have several fans that have in-boxed me; criticizing me about not mentioning the head coaching situation at Fayetteville State. To be honest, I felt there was no need to ever mention FSU Head Coach Kenny Philips being in the hot seat. Here's why, before Kenny Philips came to Fayetteville State, Bronco football was dudu. Yes, garbage! FSU was always a middle of the pack or bottom feeder team. Kenny Philips has three CIAA Championships to his name. He has given three different chancellors rings; Chancellor McLeod, Chancellor TJ Bryan, and Chancellor Anderson rings. Before Phillips, Fayetteville had never won the CIAA EVER. Is that clear, EVER.

But now, my inbox is getting more full, especially after FSU's loss to Johnson C Smith and their QB carousel. While I have criticized their QB situation publicly, never the head coach. I have messages saying his time has passed, and others saying change is needed.

In my eyes, Coach Phillips is a FSU legend. Three rings in 10 years. Three playoff appearances, and a Pioneer Bowl. But we live in a "what have you done for me lately" society. Even Bobby Bowden was eventually run out of town. Bowden, had 20 plus years at Florida State, I think Phillips has earned more time to turn the program around.

Fans, you tell me what you think. FSU fans, I need to hear from you especially since you seem to most concerned about the head coaching situation.

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  1. ciaascout's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TwoSons
    Lets not forget that Coach Phillips is the Highest paid FB Coach in the CIAA.

    Not sure about Coach Phillips salary, but WSSU pays Maynor 160k. He has to be one of the top earners in all of D2 for sure.

    Have to crawl before you can walk
  2. Antwon Person's Avatar
    Just saw the regional rankings, can someone tell me how Shippensburg who is ranked 13th in the NCAA rankings and 17th by D2football be the top team in Super Region 1 over WSSU. C'mon son!!!!
    Updated 10-22-2012 at 08:45 PM by Antwon Person
  3. SUBEAR's Avatar
    I totally agree Shippensburg plays in the PSAC which hasn't been as strong of a conference as of late.
    They also went 7-4 last year and WSSU was undefeated. The regional rankings are a slap in the face!
    However Shippensburg plays undefeated Bloomsburg this week i think they will lose and WSSU should bump up
    to #1 in the region with a win this week.
  4. willicor's Avatar
    If Bloom beats Ship, Bloom will jump WSSU and go to #1.

    CIAA is the reason WSSU is ranked where we are.

    Plus UNCP fell apart.

    Concord lost their best player due to Car Accident and Morehouse is basically just like CIAA SCHOOLS.
  5. WSSU1996's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by willicor
    CIAA is the reason WSSU is ranked where we are, and Morehouse is basically just like CIAA SCHOOLS.
    There it is! Every time our schools play out-of-conference games we HAVE to win. Who we schedule is major, but aside from that... I don't care who THEY are... WIN, WIN, WIN!
  6. TwoSons's Avatar
    Back to FSU and Kenny again with SAU he found a way to snatch defeat from victory. He decided to let the clock run down at the end of regulation instead of continuing the drive. Even at the beckoning of the OC, we let 40 seconds run off on second down, just to miss the field goal. You need to play to win, not play to not loose.
  7. WSSU1996's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ECSU2000
    Lastly, although I am an ECSU guy you know, but WSSU got hosed by d2 again. I just don't know what BOB, Brandon and the boys are seeing. At this rate WSSU can win the national Championship and still be ranked #3 in their polls.... C'mon son....
    The HBCU's get no respect, especially Nationally! How can Miles be #1 in SR2, but not even ranked in the D2 Polls. It just makes no sense...
    Updated 10-25-2012 at 08:51 AM by WSSU1996
  8. Ciaatracker22's Avatar
    Breaking news he has been fired. I believe it was past his time. He had a good run and all but he does the kids wrong he is a selfish self centered person and those kind of things catch back up to you. He brings kids frm JUCO across the country n will pull their scholarship and leave them to pay out of state tuition. And as far as the facilities go The jumbo tron is nice but the weight room is terrible Has to be one of the worst in the ci they dont even have dumb bells!
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