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WSSU Missed Opportunity

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Wayne State 21 Winston Salem State 14

From the Opening drive of the game, you felt this game would be different for WSSU. With relative ease, Wayne State took the opening drive down the field and scored, then ultimately prevailed in the end by a score 21-14.

The Rams came into this game with a perfect 13-0 record, going up against a resilient 11-3 Wayne State team that had won three straight road games as the #6 seed. But when you looked at Wayne State's Offensive line, you knew the Rams had their hand full. The Warriors O-line looked massive! They looked like a D1 type O-Line led by Joe Long, the little brother of Jake Long, the first overall pick of the 2008 NFL draft by the Miami Dolphins.

WSSU was down by 14 points twice in the game. Wayne State took a 14-0 lead in the second quarter when Warrior QB Mikey Mohner plunged on a QB sneak in the second quarter.

WSSU would respond with their own drive before the end of the first half when Kameron Smith threw a 26 yard TD pass to Jahuann Butler making the score 14-7.

With WSSU having the ball to start the second half, they did not capitalize on being able to move the ball down the field and came up short trying to convert on a 4th and long.

Wayne State would score again giving them a 21-7 lead and the Warriors would hold on to a 21-14 game.

Congrats to WSSU

First, let me congratulate the WSSU Rams on a great season. You have gone further than any CIAA team and you had a phenomenal season. Any team in the CIAA would have loved to be in your position on Saturday. I look forward to an exciting CIAA season in 2012

Missed Opportunity, 3 Red Zone trips, Zero points, KICKER NEEDED

For WSSU, the priority going into the recruiting season is a kicker. Find a kicker who is getting overlooked by the bigger D1 schools, that is D1 quality, and give him a full scholarship.

The Rams were in the red zone 3 times. Each time, instead of kicking the ball, they went for it on fourth down coming up short every time. In essence, that cost WSSU the game, which at least would have given you a 9 points and the final score would have been 23-21. However, there were two other times in addition to the red zone appearances that the Rams were in between the 30-25 yard line and they could not convert on fourth down. So even if you have a kicker that goes 4 of 5 on the day, you could have still won the game 26-21.

Off-season Priority: KICKER

Missed Opportunity, WR Dropped passes

While the Rams were inside the red zone, and they didn't kick the ball for field, a few of those times they didn't convert on fourth down was because Winston Salem wide receivers dropped several balls.

The Rams, in reality, has three touchdown passes dropped. Yes, dropped! So conservatively, yes the Rams could have kicked field goals, but in actuality, the Rams could have put up much larger numbers like we are accustomed to. Unfortunately, the Rams produced their lowest point output of the season and it cost them the game.

4th Down Attempts

I love Coach Maynor's coaching style. He's willing to gamble even if the odds are against him. He makes attempts that other coaches will not make. He likes to go for it on 4th down under short yardage situation, and in some cases, he'll go for it on 4 and 12, and by God, he makes it.

However, fans in stand are like 4 and 12? Are you kidding me? But when he converts, they applaud him for his courage.

I attended the WSSU at UNC Pembroke game, and on one drive, Maynor went for it on fourth down 4 times, and converted all four times. One of those times, he was on his own 26 yard line on a fourth and inches. Maynor didn't hesitate even with a huge risk of giving Pembroke the ball back on the 26 yard line. No risk, no reward.

But in games with the magnitude of a national semi-finals, against other top tier competition, I believe you must rethink the approach. Yes, I know the WSSU kicker was a bit sketchy at times, but you have to give him the opportunity at least once to see if he makes it, and if he does, you give him a second chance, and so on.

At one point in the season, the Winston Kicker was doing pretty good, then he sort of fell off the map, but a giving the kicker a chance at some points is better than going for it on fourth down and 12 against a scrappy Wayne State team and coming out with zero points anyways. Just my opinion.


Congrats is in order for Wayne State. I wish you the best of luck for next weekend. You will have your hands full against Pittsburgh State. My prediction: Wayne State 24 Pittsburgh State 23.

This is my last article of the football season, but I will definitely continue to post throughout the recruiting season. I'm already excited about next season and I think three CIAA can make the post season again, two in the playoffs, one in the Pioneer Bowl.

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  1. pittbob's Avatar
    Well that might be the score of some game but Pittsburg State won't be denied!!! Notice no H
  2. Gilberto Alvarado's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pittbob
    Well that might be the score of some game but Pittsburg State won't be denied!!! Notice no H
    I'm rooting for the team that beat my team. Pittsburgh State is a solid team. Best of luck this weekend
  3. VegasViking's Avatar

    It was truly a pleasure reading your columns this season. Look forward to reading more from you next year. Job well done.

    THANK YOU WSSU for bringing some semblance of respect to the CIAA. I can't help but wonder what our MEAC brethren could be doing at the D2 level.

    As for my Vikings, we need a QB and a kicker. I never know what to expect , but hopefully we'll be back in the hunt next year and get the championship game monkey off our backs.
  4. ciaascout's Avatar
    ECSU loses alot but i expect VSU to be a top team next year
  5. wssuque's Avatar
    Gil, thanks for a great season. It was really great to meet you at the UNC-P game. have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! WSSU will be back in the hunt again next year, especially if Cooper decides to come back. By the way it looks like my son will most likely end up at UNC-P.
  6. MDRussell's Avatar
    And congrats to a game and gutsy WSSU Ram organization; from players to coaches to yep, their guys had a great season, and I was so proud of the HBCU showing so well in the D2 playoffs.
  7. ECSU2000's Avatar
    Great writing this year. I had a blast all year. I am looking forward to the CIAA future in football. Great times ahead.....I can wait for my next press box seat lol...
  8. callen2525's Avatar
    MD, the best of luck to your Road Warriors on saturday. Wayne State is a class act and will represent well. I look forward to exchanging sports strategies next football season. Take care, happy holidays, and be safe.
  9. callen2525's Avatar
    Gil, enjoyed reading your articles this season. Have a well deserved rest and great holidays. Remember Go Rams !!!!!
  10. NJLincolnLion's Avatar
    Gilberto, great job this season blogging for the CIAA!
  11. Vulcan's Avatar
    Good season for the Rams. They proved they are a legitimate team. Too bad they are stuck in the CIAA, considering the conference runner up got blown away in the first round. Hopefully the respect you earned as a team this season carries over. Now buff up the rest of the conference! =p