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Huskies Prove Supremacy

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I don't know if it can be argued anymore, after Saturday's victory St. Cloud State is the best team in the Northern Sun.

The Huskies on Saturday, without their starting quarterback, dominated the game against Minnesota State, to retain the Traveling Training Kit.

At the college level, if you can run the ball and play defense you will win games. Well St. Cloud showed last week they can and will do both.

With Brad Meade starting at quarterback, you had to know that St. Cloud State was going to run the ball. But the Mavericks still couldn't stop it.

In fact, Dante Steward ran the ball 22 times, for 141 yards and a couple of touchdowns, but he was not alone. Michael Walker rushed the ball 14 times for 82 yards and a touchdown, and Brandon Geiss ran it nine times for 73 yards in the game.

Defensively, the Huskies also made a couple of big plays, recorded four sacks, picked off a pass, and recorded nine tackles for loss in the game.

That's a receipe for winning games in the Northern Sun.

Speaking of the Northern Sun, the League has sent out its press release this week. You can check all of the latest, stats, standings and schedules for all of the teams in the Northern Sun.


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  1. DuluthD2Fan's Avatar
    They have a couple of 1 loss teams to beat before I would say they have "proven" supremacy. I would expect UMD/BSU to be the toughest back to back games on their schedule - and likely two teams at a level with the best that they'll see in the regular season.
  2. UMDDawgs's Avatar
    I agree, "proven supremacy" is definitely an overstatement. Especially because them and Duluth played in a similar game @ WSU in a similar environment when SCSU HAD their starting QB, which SCSU lost, and which UMD dominated all facets of the game. A little too early in the season to make such statements. The SCSU/UMD game will be the deciding factor I believe.
    Updated 10-13-2011 at 02:52 PM by UMDDawgs
  3. SCSU_Football's Avatar
    I think SCSU proved their supremacy this weekend
  4. DuluthD2Fan's Avatar
    Supremacy proven??? Really - didn't realize a best case scenario of T1 for both the division and conference titles was proving supremacy.

    While I think SCSU is probably the best team in the NSIC when on top of their game - they also have games where they are not all that special. With 2 conference losses, by no means are they a dominant (or supreme) team. This is shaping up to be a year of parity in the NSIC, with a lot of teams capable of beating anyone on a given Saturday.