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Dear MIAA fans,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank all of you. I believe you all to be the best fans in Division II, both in terms of activity on these forums and D2Football.com, as well as in general knowledge of the Division and the game. Hands down.

Unfortunately, as much as I love doing so, my personal and professional life are demanding more of my time. That’s a great thing regarding the former, and on most days it’s a good thing for the latter, too (although we all have our days haha). With that being the case, I just simply don’t have enough hours in the week to commit the time needed to do the job as well as you all deserve. Last year was a struggle (the peak season of my professional career happens to coincide with football season), and there are those that would say it showed. I agree 100% with that sentiment, and the players, coaches, fans, and this website deserve better. That’s not to say that I feel I didn’t do a good job, but I know if I had the amount of time I had the first two years of doing this, I could have been more in depth than I was able to be last year, and with the quality of football in this league, depth is very much necessary, in my opinion.

After a LOT of consideration the past three months, I have decided to step away and allow someone else take the reins in writing about one of the best football conferences in the country. I know there are a lot of great people out there, and I hope they let Brandon know via email or Twitter that they would love to “have the mic,” so to speak. Especially if that person is an existing (or aspires to be) a member of the media. Brandon and everyone else at D2Football.com are great to work with and I want to make sure there’s plenty of time to get a replacement secured.

Again, thank you all for taking the time to read and comment on what I wrote the past three and a half seasons, and a HUGE thank you to Brandon for the opportunity and introducing me to so many fantastic people in the D2 world, both within the D2F.com community and outside of it. I won’t be a stranger, because, simply put, I love interacting with you. I have since I joined the message board almost twelve years ago, and I love me some D2 football. It truly is a brother/sisterhood, and I can’t wait to see what happens throughout the league with all of you next year and beyond.

Best wishes to the best fans in D2,


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  1. NW XCowboy's Avatar
    It is with great disappointment that I read your parting blog. Though I comment/contribute only rarely, I read/consume the blog and message board threads religiously. I feel that you have been a true gem in D2 Football in both, and will truly miss your blogs. Hopefully I will not have the opportunity to miss you message board contributions!
    I wish Brandon the best of luck in finding a replacement who can approach the quality of your work!