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Super Three Regional Final Recap

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That’s the best way to describe the one-sided affair from Saturday’s Super Three Regional Final between the No. 2 seed Ferris State Bulldogs and the No. 1 seed Ouachita Baptist Tigers.

Ferris State scored the first 30 points of the contest as Ouachita Baptist never even hinted at being remotely close to belonging on the same field, and the No. 1 seeded and previously unbeaten Ouachita Baptist Tigers were routed 37-14.
I’ll be honest because I always am, I stopped watching for the most part after the first half. There was nothing more I needed to see. It was clear from the opening kickoff Ferris State was the superior team.

Entering the contest much was made by many (including me) of Ouachita Baptists’ top ranked scoring defense and whether or not this Ferris State offense would be up for the challenge – I’d say 27 first half points, 359 rushing yards, and 509 total yards answered that silly question. FSU’s offense ran wild all day – 70 rushing attempts for 359 yards is worth repeating. Against the nation’s top scoring defense! I guess they hadn’t faced an offensive attack like Ferris State yet.

And why did the field look browner than the ivy at Wrigley Field in November?! Is the grass always that brown at Cliff Harris Stadium? Was there a gravel pit/sandbox on the visiting sideline? So many questions. It was tough to watch. But regardless, Ferris State made it clear who the top team in Super Region Three really was with the 37-14 win.
I guess next year Ferris State will work harder to ensure all rules of eligibility are followed correctly to avoid giving up the number one seed.

In any case, with Jayru back calling the signals for FSU, and the wealth of weaponry on this offense, they simply exposed a lot of weaknesses on Ouachita Baptists’ defense. Additionally, the Bulldog defense played well holding the Tigers to 281 yards, many of which came in garbage time when the outcome had already been decided.

I guess this is the part of the piece I talk about my reaction. Selfishly, quite frankly I’m really disappointed in Ouachita Baptist. I wanted and thought we’d get a compelling one versus two heavyweight fight. NOT whatever that was. To be undefeated and the number one seed in the region, and to come out that flat and lay that big of an egg, at home no less - completely unacceptable. I say that and admittedly I don’t know much about the team, so maybe the Tigers overachieved to be in that position in the first place, but man oh man, I expected better.

I’m glad I picked FSU though; I needed to pick up a win for my own pride. I was 1-2 in the playoffs up to that point, now back to .500 at 2-2, 38-15 for the entire season, but who gives a flying you know what. The only people left reading this silly blog are the Bulldog cronies and most of them are the alumni that probably think they could still lace up the cleats and start for Coach Anesse! Oh relax guys, I’m just giving ya a hard time, you know I love your support and readership!

And speaking of one Tony Anesse, I’m sure Bulldog Nation was quite relieved to hear Jim McElwain’s name announced as the next head football coach for the Central Michigan Chippewa’s. I'm not sure if Anesse interviewed for the job at CMU or not, but he was certainly on a number of credible short lists of potential hires. It looks like he’ll be staying in Big Rapids for the time being. I’m getting sidetracked though and that’s not fair to this current team. The 2018 Ferris State Bulldogs are headed to the DII National Semifinals to play Minnesota State Mankato.

Stay tuned!

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