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Week 6 Quick Recap / Power Rankings & Regional Outlook

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Week 6 Quick Recap :
Let’s take a quick look at the week six scoreboard in the PSAC:

Edinboro 6 @ Mercyhurst 24
Seton Hill 28 @ Gannon 48
Slippery Rock 30 @ IUP 27
California 41 @ Clarion 27
West Chester 17 @ Bloomsburg 14
LIU Post 41 @ Shippensburg 39
Millersville 24 @ Lock Haven 6
Kutztown 35 @ East Stroudsburg 33

In the PSAC East the popular thought is that with four divisional weeks left it is a two horse race, with West Chester and Kutztown the top dogs. But this past week showed that no game in the PSAC is a given, as both struggled on the road and snuck out of Bloomsburg and East Stroudsburg with victories.

In the PSAC West we have a little more of a mess, both SRU and California have upset the favorite IUP in consecutive weeks. Both SRU and California are 3-0 in league play, Clarion sits at 2-1 in west play and Edinboro, IUP, Gannon and Mercyhust are all 1-2.

As we have crossed over the halfway point let’s take a look at the PSAC Power Rankings.

1. West Chester (6-0) : All eyes are on the October 27th matchup with Kutztown.
2. Kutztown (5-0) : With two impressive wins over Assumption and California the Bears are rolling.
3. California (4-2) : Wins over Edinboro, IUP and Clarion in consecutive weeks have the Vulcan’s thinking big.
4. Slippery Rock (5-1) : If not for a fluke turnover with Shippensburg SRU would be 6-0.
5. IUP (4-2) : The schedule allows for a turn around.
6. Clarion (4-2) : This week will tell the tale as they play IUP.
7. Edinboro (4-2) : SRU is this week’s chance for redemption.
8. Mercyhurst (2-4): Every game is a battle with the Lakers expect a few more wins this season.
9. Bloomsburg (2-4): Almost pulled the huge upset over WCU last weekend.
10. Shippensburg (2-4): Heartbreak last week, well heartbreak for the last four weeks.
11. Gannon (1-5): Finally got the win last week, time to play spoiler the rest of the way.
12. Millersville (2-4): Looks like they have turned the corner the last few weeks.
13. ESU (1-5): Great effort last week, but its a long season for the Warriors.
14. Lock Haven (1-5): Blown out at home by Millersville, not a good look for the Bald Eagles.
15. Seton Hill (0-6) The last team without a win in the PSAC.

We now have five weeks left in the season; it is now time to take a quick look at the teams that still have a shot at the Super Region 1 playoffs. Again this season four conferences make up SR1, Northeast-10, Mountain East, Great Mid-west Athletic Conference and the PSAC.

I have listed 23 teams as teams that are still in the race; many will not agree with all of these teams but the facts are the many teams that have lost three games have made the playoffs over the last two decades. Teams that currently have lost three games are in must win situations but with all of the huge matchups left all of these teams still have a chance.

Each team is listed by Conference and then followed by games left with teams with winning records, Lets also remember that the PSAC does hold a “State Game”, the two first place teams will play even if that is not the scheduled matchup.

• Tiffin (6-0) :Ky. Wesleyan, ODU, @Hillsdale, Findlay
• Hillsdale (5-1): Tiffin, @ U of Indy
• ODU (5-1): @ Tiffin
• Findlay (3-3): @UC, @ Tiffin
• Kentucky Wesleyan (2-3)

• NDC (6-0) : @ Urbana , UC
• Shepherd (4-1): Fairmont, Urbana, @UC
• UC (4-2): Findlay, @NDC, Shepherd
• Fairmont State (4-2) @Shepherd, WV State
• Urbana (4-2): @NDC, Shepherd, WV State
• WV State (2-3) Fairmont State, @ Urbana

• LIU-Post (5-0) : Pace, @Assumption, @SCSU, New Haven
• New Haven (4-0) : Assumption, @ LIU Post
• Assumption (4-1) : SCSU, @UNH, LIU Post
• Pace (3-2): LIU Post, SCSU
• Southern Connecticut State (3-2): @Assumption, @Pace, LIU Post

• West Chester (6-0): @Kutztown, @CalU or State Game
• Kutztown (5-0): WCU, Boro or State Game
• Slippery Rock (5-1): Edinboro, @Clarion, California • California (4-2): SRU , WCU or State Game
• Clarion (4-2): @IUP, SRU, Edinboro < Next three weeks
• IUP (4-2): Clarion, @Edinboro
• Edinboro (4-2): @ SRU, @ Clarion, IUP, Kutztown

As you can see these teams all play huge games the rest of the way, no one has an easy route to the playoff. We will keep track of these teams this weekend and starting next week I will begin with my “Playoff top 15”. This is setting up to be a super exciting finish to the season.

Keep an eye out for the week 7 preview later this week.

Follow along @zsimpson_d2 for updates throughout the week.

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