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3rd Regional Ranking Thoughts

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All of the ranked teams won last Saturday so little movement in the rankings was expected. The only flip of teams occurred at the bottom of the rankings.

1. IUP 10-0

They defeated Mercyhurst 36-10 and will now play in the PSAC Championship game against West Chester. The scenarios are simple for the Crimson Hawks. A victory and they are the top seed in the region earning the bye. A loss will drop them to third or fourth and a first-round home game.

2. Assumption 9-0

They defeated American International 40-3 and are primed for a home playoff game for the second time in three years. The Greyhounds host Bentley this weekend. A victory for Assumption and they will hold their position. If they lose, they will drop to fourth and fifth but will still be in the playoffs.

3. Shepherd 9-0

They defeated Charleston 49-12 and have won the Mountain East regular season championship again. The Rams will travel to UVa-Wise this weekend in hopes of another undefeated season. If they win, they will be locked into the third slot and host a first-round game. If they lose, they are still in the playoffs but might be on the road as the fifth seed.

4. Findlay 8-1

They defeated Alderson Broaddus 70-28 and now face a tough match-up this weekend. They will travel to Ohio Dominican for the defacto Great Midwest Athletic Conference title game. Both teams are 6-0 in the league. If Findlay wins, they are in the playoffs. If they lose, they will need some help as they might slip past the seventh slot depending on other results.

5. Slippery Rock 8-2

They defeated Seton Hill 77-38 and face a tough challenge in the final weekend of the season. They play at Kutztown and need to win to make the playoffs. The Rock will fall out of the top seven with a loss and all the teams behind them grabbing a victory.

6. West Chester 8-2

They defeated Millersville 27-24 and will now host the PSAC Championship game against IUP. The Golden Rams have lived on the edge the past two weeks but emerged with victories. They face their biggest game of the season as they need to win to secure a spot in the playoffs. A third loss might be too much for them to overcome.

7. Shippensburg 9-1

They defeated Bloomsburg 20-6 and face another must-win this weekend as they host Seton Hill. The Red Raiders first need to win the game and then hope for some teams to fall ahead of them. It will be very tough for a 10-1 team not to make the playoffs but a possibly if things don't break their way

8. Notre Dame 8-2

They defeated UVa-Wise 31-28 and kept their playoff hopes alive. They face a nationally ranked and undefeated Indianapolis team on the road. The playoffs start this weekend for the Falcons as they need to win for a chance at to make the top seven. A loss ends their season.

9. California 7-2

They defeated Edinboro 30-13 and maintained their hopes for the playoffs. The Vulcans need to win at East Stroudsburg and then look for the four teams ahead of them to loss. They need to win on the road and then route for IUP, Indianapolis and Seton Hill to defeat the teams ahead of them. If that happens, they might be in the seventh and final slot for the playoffs.

10. LIU Post 7-2

They defeated Merrimack 49-7 and continue their second half run. Four straight for the Pioneers and they travel to St. Anselm to close out the regular season. It is a long shot for Post at the moment since they dropped a slot but stranger things have happened.

All ten teams were victorious but there was some flip flopping with # 9 and 10. The conference breakdown was exactly like last week with five from the PSAC, two from the NE-10 and MEC and one from the GMAC.

As mentioned last week, the top three teams are locked in the playoffs. It is just a matter of their seeding and who gets to the second seed to host a potential second round game. And then the fun starts with four through ten. A loss for any of those schools and the season might be over. A win for those schools in four through seven and they will play another weekend.

The playoffs start now for most of the teams. A loss leaves the decision in the hands of the committee. A win will most likely earn a playoff berth and a shot at the national championship.

Win games on the field and you will be playing on November 18th.

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  1. Champ's Avatar
    How do you figure Post dropped this week after 4 dominating victories like that? Cal PA and NDC squeaking out a win against bad teams was enough for them to move up?
  2. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    Not sure. Cal was not ranked and then moved to 10th last week and now 9th. Figured that Post would be 9th and had a path for them to get to 7th. But it looks like a long shot for them right now unless a bunch of teams lose ahead of them.
  3. Champ's Avatar
    Yes I figured that too, even thought with the bad loss last week and tight win against a bad team this week post might have jumped NDC, guess the comitee has other standards
  4. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    Post dug too big of a hole with the 2 losses in September. The win versus Virginia Union is out of region and not sure how much that is helping or hurting. They had a weak schedule in the 2nd half as they were front loaded. Wins are the name of the game. They will just not have enough of them versus their nearest competitors in the rankings.